Is LV closed on New years

  1. I'm planning on going to the boutique today, but when I called 1-866-vuitton it said in honor of the holiday it's closed, is it just the the customer service or is it the boutiques as well?
  2. I was at the mall yesterday. I did not ask them at LV but when I was at Tiffany's they said they would be closed but then I went over to The Gap and they said they would be open today.
  3. I just went to Copley LV in Boston and they were open!
  4. Aww I love how they re-did the Copley store... I cannot wait for the clothes!
  5. The LV store in Charlotte is open today until 6pm.
  6. Just got back from the LV in Century City, CA and they were open
  7. I went to LV in N.J. Garden State Plaza this morning and it was open (but they weren't really happy to be there)