is lv cheaper in store than on e-luxury?

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  1. just wondering because I was browsing around in the store and the vernis change purse/key holder was 200$ CDN there, and on eluxury it's 210. How much is it in the stores in the us?
  2. it is the same price at LV as at elux. The only difference is on elux you do not pay sales tax as long as it is not shipped to CA or TN. But you have to pay shipping when buying on elux.
  3. It should be the same price. The elux doesn't have sales tax. And if you talk to the online rep, they could waive your shipping too. I did it before. Have fun shopping there.
  4. It should be the same. Is is possible that there was a price increase and the store was slightly delayed in adjusting prices?
  5. Not that I'm aware of. I'm just sad that eluxury doesn't carry the Speedy 35......:crybaby:
  6. Thank you of your info.
  7. that's weird! it was definitely cheaper at the store. oh well, I shouldn't complain.
  8. Canadian pricing is a little less than the US pricing, which is what eLuxury displays. :yes: