Is LV cheaper in Hong Kong?

For the L'aimable the last time I checked the price was 2005 and it was selling around 12xxxHKD ..

I believe LV is much cheaper in HK compare to states and Singapore because HK dont have any tax and they have plenty of stocks!

Alternatively, u can try to check out the 2nd hand store too, they have some brand new or like new 2nd handbag at really bargain price!

BTW speedy 25 is selling 4450 or 4550 at HK ( I cant remember)

I have a Suhali Le Fab.. it retails for $26500 at HKD at 2005. I bought my one from Paris which only cost me $20000 around after the tax return.
According to XE, 4450$ HDK is 573$ USD.. if you live in not Tn or Cal, you can purchase bags off of eLux without tax.. 540$ + shipping works out to probably around the same as the HK price ?
I'm from Hong Kong and there isn't sales tax on anything. I'm not sure if that makes it any cheaper though. My mom got me a Roxbury drive for my birthday and we compared the price on eluxury and she said it was about the same amount. One thing that you guys might want to know about is that the second hand market in Hong Kong is huge at the moment. One of the big chains is called Milano Station so if you want cheap second hand stuff you could check them out.
One of my firend at work is leaving to HK in 2 weeks time.. yeah yeah so she told me to start saving. Dose anyone know how much a Batignolles Horizontal is in HK? Australia is such a Rip Job AUS$1,170.00 and Ebay is such a con! I need to start saving! real fast!
talking from my experience, LV in HK is not always cheaper than Aussie. I got my denim pleaty last year in HK, it cost me HKD 8800. If I were to buy in Aussie, it's AUD 1650. but i can claim the 10% gst back at the airport so it only cost AUD 1500. the exchange rate at the time AUD 1500 was equal to HKD 8850. so it would be cheaper to buy in Aussie at that time.
at the time i was about to leave the country, i couldn't buy the pleaty because they're sold out of the 1st shipment :censor: . i went to a few LV store in HK but most of them are sold out. it was when the denim 1st came out. i got lucky when i went to LV in harbour city :yahoo:. that's where i got my pleaty.
so from my experience LV in aussie is not always more expensive than HK or singapore especially if u can claim the gst back.
hey from hong kong but im in CA right now..
it's sometimes cheaper in HK because for some reason the LV shops in HK sometimes hv 5-15% off...i am not kidding..
but i asked...a trouville in HK is cheaper than in US..but im not sure how much because a relative of mine has one and i remember having compared prices with her...
hope this helps!
My relatives have all told me that HK is THE place to shop in Asia. Generally, prices are about 5-10% cheaper when compared to the US, and on top of that, there is NO SALES TAX! However, my dad told me that HK is debating on whether or not to start adding a 5% sales tax on all merchandise... As for other places in mainland China, well get a load of this: LV stuff are about 50% MORE EXPENSIVE (Taiwan is about 30% more).
I heard that HK might start applying tax in 2007:crybaby: .. but then I think someone posted on this forum that it may start in 2009:shrugs: ?? Apparently it's still being debated at this time. I'm going to HK later on this Fall and I plan to shop at LV then!! :yahoo: (8.375% tax is no joke when you buy $1,200+ worth of goods!!):nuts:
oranGetRee said:
I'm curious. What about LV prices in UK? I suspect UK is still cheaper than in Singapore for certain items. Kind of sad that I have to pay more here! :sad:

Just if you're wondering, LV is cheaper in UK. There are no price increases that the US receive and if you were a tourist you could claim for tax which is 17.5% btw. The only cheaper place that I've found is France. Anyways, conversions for you.

Speedy 25 UK - £290 ($552)
Speedy 25 US - $595
THANks guys. Still i've done the calculation and if Cloud1014 is right about the price of a Second hand BH. Then I'm better off get my friend to buy me the BH here in AUS for $1,170.00 and have her take it oversea to get the GST refund of 10% hence AUS $1,053.00!
I would thought I might get the BH in HK for under AUS$1,000.00

5,990.00 HKD
Hong Kong Dollars =1,014.16 AUD
Australia Dollars 1 HKD = 0.169309 AUD 1 AUD = 5.90637 HKD
A little off topic here...

Prices quoted in Singapore LV stores are inclusive of 5% GST already.
If you're a tourist, you can get 3% of the GST refunded.

As of today, the local prices are
Speedy 25 : S$950
Speedy 30 : S$990
BV/BH : $1320