Is LV cheaper in Hong Kong?

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  1. Hi, I am from Australia. I am going to Hong Kong next month. Does anyone know whether Hong Kong sells LV cheaper?

    For example, Batignolles Vertical is selling at US $858 here in Australia, is it cheaper in Hong Kong?

  2. I wouldn't know about HK but maybe you can swing by Singapore while you're there. I know you can get your tax reimbursed in the Singapore airport, so that's gotta be a little help. In fact, I wanted to buy the horizontal in Singapore last summer, but that's exactly when my credit card got maxed out. Almost broke down and cried in the store.
  3. How much is it in Singapore airport?
  4. I'm pretty sure it isn't.. but there are a bunch of consignment shops in Hong Kong, so you can definately pick up used Louis Vuitton (which is cheaper).
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and I was wondering how much money I would save by buying my Speedy 25 in Singapore. My BF is going back in 3 weeks. I know the exchange rate is favorable, but I don't know if the savings would be significant enough for me to wait until next month.
  6. The GST (sales tax) is 5% in Singapore. You can claim this back at the airport but they do take an administration charge. You can buy it in Australia then claim the tax back on the way out (at the airport).
  7. The sales tax in Singapore is cheaper than in NY, but I'm curious if the price of the bag is less there than it is in the States. It is $540 at the LV by me. I should probably get it here b/c I don't want to wait any longer!!
  8. Hi Ladies

    Dunno if this would help.

    The Suhali L'Amiable I bought is SGD2295.24 (before tax). Is this cheaper than in US?

    :smile: I'm from Singapore
  9. The Verical is only $650 on elux, and the Suhali L'Amiable is $1390 USD.
  10. $540 is awesome! Where are you?
  11. Hi SwankyMama, I think the vertical is 750 and the small batignolles is the one that is USD650.
  12. Well, in Hong Kong there are no taxes, the price you see is the price you pay. I remember that the retail price was higher than it is here in North America, but since there are no taxes it was about even. I do know buying in Australia is much more expensive than buying North American, so logically it should be cheaper in HK than it is in Australia.

    And regardless, buying almost anything in Australia is more expensive than buying it elsewear in the world, it seems. =(
  13. Oooops! You're probably right! My eyes were buggin' because I saw it for $750 @ Saks {I think} this weekend!
  14. Hi Swanky Mama, When I said the price was $540, I was referring to the speedy 25 on Eluxury, not the bagnitolles! Sorry about the confusion! :smile:
  15. In the US, the L'Aimable retails for $1390...2295.24 SGD converted to USD is about $1411.97, so I guess it's a bit more expensive in Singapore.

    I can't confirm this, but I have always heard of LV prices being higher in Asia. I know that's the case for Taiwan (my grandma never buys her bags there, she comes to the US to buy them). Hope that helps!