Is LV cheaper in France?

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  1. Going to Paris in May, does anyone know if LV is cheaper in France than in North America even with the Euro & if I should wait & buy some LV stuff when I am there?
  2. I was in Nice last summer, and yes, you can save a couple hundred bucks, even with the conversion. My horizontal lockit came out to a little over $750 USD and a friend got a Beverly for about $1000. It's worth it.
  3. you can find that at the site of lv.... instead selecting usa.... you click france...

    For example... Speedy 30 Monogram cost 650 dollar...
    In euro´s it is...425 euro.. --> 622 dollar...
    A difference of 28 dollar...

    The main thing... you got a bag from Paris, France! I would do it if you are there...
  4. Yes it's cheaper in France.
  5. I'll be in Paris in June and plan on buying something. :p I'm just hoping they have it in stock. I'm probably going with the Speedy 25 so I'd think they'd have plenty of those.

    I'm only going to save about $20 but I can say I got it in Paris. LOL!
  6. Also their prices include the VAT (value added tax). Ask the store to fill out form for you, have it stamped before you leave the European Union (either port, airport, train station and you will get between 8-14% back, usually they give you euros, if they refund to your charge cards can take 8-12 weeks ayt least.
    We had to wait at port in Greece along with 1,000 other passengers as our last stop was in Turkey which was not a european union memeber...those who forgot where out of luck

  7. Yes, that's right...I got about another $100 bucks back, it took a lot longer than it was supposed to though.
  8. Yes, LV is less expensive in France even with a weak dollar conversion. Be sure to get the VAT back to save even more.
  9. I'm on a cruise and will be in Paris just for a day (coming out of the port at Le Havre). Can I still get a form for the VAT tax??
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