Is LV bags cheaper in Spain than France??

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  1. Is LV bags cheaper in Spain than France??

    Please advice.
  2. France they are the "cheapest"....but it's only from 5 to 20 euros more approximately.
  3. ^^ about right...

    I just got back from Madrid and just did the comparison between what I purchased with on line prices fr France.

    Model Spain France

    Speedy 30 EUR 510 EUR 495
    Verona PM 805 830
    Keepall 55 B 950 980

    I got the VAT refund around 10.5 -11.5 %

    (Plus I figured in Madrid, you can take the tram from the airport to the city for only EUR 5 both ways, that's a lot of savings) :biggrin:

    My cousin who lives in Madrid told me that one time there was a promo of EUR39+taxes airfare to Paris and he paid EUR60 for the taxi to his hotel! Even with public transport was expensive, according to him. Of course, I still want to go and purchase one in Paris one of these days. ;)
  4. Taxi are expensive in most of European countries where I've been if you compare to UK! I am from Italy and here they're really expensive!