Is Safe Or Fake???

  1. If anyone has experience with, good or bad, I'd love to hear about it...Thank you.
  2. It's a very reputable seller.
  3. Oh, absolutely authentic. And the staff (especially the owner, Sarah) are wonderful. They're one of the places I go to first when I'm looking for something I can't find anywhere else (cough...AC glazed tan mini...cough). They usually have a code for 20% off floating around and have applied it for me even for special orders. Fast shipping and they credit returns the same day they receive the item back.

    cgsprings - thanks for the links to the AC butterscotch mini, but the color I'm looking for is actually a bit different and the site didn't have it. Boo. Will see how I like the pearl color I ordered before continuing my search. :smile:
  4. I completely agree. I've ordered two AC mini city totes from them without problems. The customer service there is superb and the shipping is fast.
  5. Definitely authentic and wonderful service. I go there at least once a month to check out their new stuff and have bought quite a few bags there. The store has been mentioned several times in Lucky Magazine.
  6. Luna Boston is fantastic! They have free return shipping if you are not happy with your bag.

    If you shop there, don't forget to use the grechen code for 20% off. It's good on sale items too, if I remember correctly.
  7. i agree with all the posters above, this is a fabulous store with great service!
  8. The reason I was wondering is because I just spoke to the Anna Corinna shop in NY the DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY when I relented and ordered the tobacco color hobo and she said no decision had been made to bring back the butterscotch and if they decided to do it, it wouldn't be until the fall or holiday season!! Then look and see what I found on line yesterday:

    You all know I have been OBBSESSING about that bag in that color ever since seeing the movie "Music & Lyrics". So instead of having it, I will now have that color in the mini city tote and tobacco in the bag I wanted in the first place..... I was amazed to see it on line yesterday but I can live with the way things turned out! I know there were other out there who wanted this bag so I hope this helps them! especially now that I know is legit! P.S. Halocom: sorry I got the color wrong but I hope you LOVE your new bag!! Mine should be arriving according to UPS on Friday and I can't Wait!!!
  9. I have had great experience with them. Great fast free shipping too.
  10. Lunaboston is GREAT. I have bought several times.. returned once and had absolutely no problems with a refund...

    I have nothing but great things to say about them
  11. I love LB. Great customer service!
  12. Authentic and excellent service!
  13. Luna Boston is the BEST. The fact that they credit returns they same day they receive them is fantastic (it took ActiveEndeavors SIX weeks to credit a return!), there's always a 20% off coupon (even on sale items) and the staff is very helpful. I always look at Luna Boston first when I'm searching for something new.

    PS - Check out their "Buyer's Notes" on some of the bags. It's because of one of those notes that I decided to try an Aleya NY bag -- my favorite bag purchase of the year!
  14. has wonderful customer service both via phone and email. I have ordered online many times and have always had great experiences with them. I highly recommend them.
  15. I love LunaBoston. The owner is a sweetheart and gives lots of codes and really tries hard with customer service. Highly rated in my book!