Is Louis Vuitton your only bag?


What kind of bags do you purchase?

  1. Only Louis Vuitton

  2. Majority Louis Vuitton

  3. Majority other bags with some Louis Vuitton

  4. No Louis Vuitton but tons of other name brands

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  1. Do you only buy Louis Vuitton or do you also purchase other bags? If so what is your favorite brand and why?
  2. i have a few bags from Dior, Fendi, Gucci and Burberry as well. i only have one bag each from Chloe and Prada.
  3. I also have an Hermes, lots of Coach, one D&B Alto leather, and KS. I love all my bags but I have to say the Hermes and LV are my favorites.:love:
  4. I also have Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Coach, and Kate Spade. LV and Gucci are my favorites.
  5. I used to have mostly Gucci's in my collection but Vuitton has been gaining majority in the last year or so
  6. My other bag obsession is Balenciaga :love:. LV and Balenciaga are so different, but I love them both for some reason!
  7. I try to have a well rounded collection of designers, at least one from all my fave's currently 3 Marc Jacobs, 2 Balenciaga, 2 Chanel, 2 Burberry, 4 Gucci, 3 Prada, 1 Michael Kors (not michael by MK), 1 Chloe, 1 Tods, a bunch of old coach bags that sadly I don't even look at anymore.... and then....yeah....15 Louis, so I'd say I favor Louis, and that's not counting wallets, cles, or anything that can't be a purse or clutch.. I always want more LV, everything else I kinda get my fix with one or two.......I would love an Hermes but I'm not going to hold my breath for that......
  8. Majority LV...well almost all (I have 1 burberry as well). I think I'm going to stick with LV and be known as the LV bag lady with my friends lol
  9. 95% of my bags are LVs.:nuts:
  10. I agree, love Balenciaga too, want another but keep finding LV stuff I want more, and I'm pretty happy with the black Balenciaga's I have...would love a color though, so torn....
  11. I have LV, Balenciaga, Chanel, Chloe, Coach and Dooney and Bourke:heart:
  12. Mainly LV..others are Prada, Celine and Ferragamo. At the moment LV is my favourite:yes:
  13. My love is devoted to LV, however, i do like other brands as well.
  14. LV, Gucci, Ferragamo, Fendi, Balenciaga, Chloe, and my favorite is Balenciaga.
  15. I have gucci, chanel, ferragamo, fendi, prada and chloe. I'm not a fan of Balanciaga or coach.