Is Louis Vuitton Really Discontinuing the Use of Date Codes?

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  1. I just read this from an eBay listing. A seller informed a buyer that she learned for elxury that Vuitton was phasing out the use of date codes in some newer bags, because of the counterfeiters. I have not heard this. Not only that, but that can't be true. I purchased both a Damier Speedy and a pochette accessoires in 2006 and both had the date code. Or is this another line that Vuitton employees are parroting about the date code.....?
  2. This is interesting...
  3. Was the seller trying to sell a fake bag w/out a date code?
    I don't believe that this is true. :confused1: btw. my newest bag (Damier Azur) has a code from Nov 06.
  4. I doubt it it would be like a baby without a birth certificate...

  5. definitely!:hysteric:
  6. I think this seller is "selling a bunch of bull," along with a fake bag.
  7. ITA:yes:

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention this was a Petit Noe...maybe they couldn't find it and made the story up. I have heard stories where people will inquire about date codes from a boutique and they will get very vague and evasive answers. I have asked about date codes from a SA and they were evasive. I have had to give instructions on how to find them and then the seller was able to provide info.

  9. ITA as well! bthis is suspiciuos....:shrugs: :push: :wtf: :confused1:
  10. It is rumored that the date code formatting has been changed for 2007 the change being instead of month year format it is week year format. John5 aka
    "The Authenticator" is verifying this to be sure it is accurate.
  11. an eBay seller recently told me that her 3 year old wallet was "pre-date code" and that she called lv and it did have one but it was "hidden" because it's really only for LV use and so they make it hard for the average person to find.

    in other words- a lot of ebay sellers make up a lot of bull.
  12. Hi,
    I bought a Manhattam pm last month in the Louis Vuitton store in Milan, so it's absolutely authentic.
    Could the owners of this bag tell me where is the date code? I can't find it inside the bag!
    Thank you very much!
  13. Does the Ludlow wallet has a date code too, because I cannot find it and I bought it in the LV boutique so I know for sure it it authentic
  14. One of the requests that I have my SA do is write down the date code of every piece that I purchase from him on my sales receipt. It eliminates me having to search for the date code especially on the small accessories since they know exactly where to find it.:flowers:
  15. Great idea. Thanks Jean.:yes:
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