Is Louis Vuitton made in USA

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  1. Hi, I am new to PF and I have a question. My daughter worked all summer long to purchase her first LV (speedy/damier) and its only been 6 mos. The hardware on her handbag is fading/discoloring, and the the little flap says Made In USA. I just noticed this and I am very upset because I thought that LV was exclusively made in Italy and France. Can someone please provide guidance on how to handle this situation. We still have the receipt. (Although I am fully aware of LV's 14 day return policy). I am disastified with the quality of this product.
    Thanks NGiovanni
  2. Hi. Thanks for helping me, but I can't seem to post my question. It could be user error (I am new). I clicked on the link but I don't see where to post my question.
  3. You need to take pics of the bag including the Made in XXX stamp and the date code. The link above is the right thread to post it on; just click on the Post Reply button and add your post that way
  4. Thank. My gosh your'e handsome!
  5. ^^LOL! He's actually my T.V. man-candy from the show Lost :P
  6. If it's bought in an LV store (assuming since you have the receipt), there shouldn't bee any need to post it in the authentication thread, because the LV store doesen't sell fakes.

    Louis Vuitton has factories in Europe and in the US (In Cali). The LV hardware is plated and will chip with time. ANy issue with quality should be adressed to your local LV store. The may be able help you, but if the hardware is chipping I think they're most likely going to say it's normal wear and tear. You can ask them to replace the hardware at regular fees of course.

    If the bag was not purchased directly form an LV store, please post it in the authentication thread as mentioned above.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.