Is Louis Vuitton delivering an effective experience?

  1. Interesting read, thanks for posting.
  2. hmmm... what I find even more interesting are the three comments made by "anon(ymous)" on July 1 and 9 about her poor LV experience which strikingly resembles another thread I've read in this forum... nothing wrong with them, just thought they were interesting...:rolleyes:

    As for the actual article, I think it's biased... I'd like to ask the dude: Yo, which specific cities and countries did you conduct this in? and for how long? and how many people were surveyed? and how many examiners?
    One person conducting a 1/2 hour survey in one LV boutique in Japan does not represent all of Asia, and neither does 2 hours in NY represent all of North America... or anything of the likes... Obviously, I was not asked to participate in such fun questionnaires lol
  3. I always get the est customer service at Louis Vuitton. Maybe Asia is different. Other than that I agree with CEC.s post. =)
  5. A well-written, technical article! I skipped the last paragraph or two but the first couple paragraphs were very interesting (as well as the graphs).

    My service at LV has been like a rollercoaster. Sometimes it's really good and then next time it's really bad...luckily here in Calgary I usually stick with my own SA and she gives great service! :tup:
  6. Yeah, that is the way it is with me as well.

    Sometimes I walk in and no SA's will ask if I need help untill I approach them.

    Then there are times I walk in and right away an SA greets me and asks if I need help very politely.

    I guess it all depends on the SA's themselves. :shrugs:

    Now on the article, I totally agree with CEC.LV4eva. Just because "most" of the people they surveyed say they are treated rude doesn't mean that is the way it is throughout the WHOLE world.
  7. I found the article interesting...It always seems that unhappiness/unsatisfactory experiences are what is written about. Think about threads here--there are many more threads about poor service and rude SAs than there are about good service and great SAs.

    The manner in which surverys are conducted and questions are asked can lead people to give negative answers--think about Psy 101 from your college days...

    I do not have a boutique near me, so I always go to three different ones whenever I'm visiting family. I will say that I've never been treated "rudely," sometimes the SA hasn't been the chattiest, but I've never, ever left feeling angry or dissatisfied like some people.
  8. GOOD POINT!:tup:
    People can create false/distorted memorys by asking things like...
    "Did you see broken glass on the LV floor?"
    "Did the SA slam your bag on the counter?"
    "Did the SA give you the evil eye?"
    "Were any SAs chewing gum?"
    "Was there a ham sandwich in the corner?"
    :roflmfao: I'm having so much fun here lol
  9. The July1 and 9 comments were indeed ODD. :tdown:

    I do like bags and I've enjoyed reading thru everybody's threads. In a forum this big, there's bound to be some no-gooders. Very disappointing. I just wish these kids would stop. Too much time on their hands without anything to do
  10. I agree. Maybe I put too much faith in LV quality, and g*d knows it has been slipping the past few years. But I just find it hard to believe that someone could come across *4* bags in a row with that kind of severe defectiveness.

    The article itself was interesting. I haven't encountered a rude / snobby SA yet. Hope it stays that way.
  11. I responded to this same subject, same article posted in the shopping section & it seems very biased. I would still have to ask how an SA could possibly determine who is a "desired customer' & who is an "ordinary customer" w/o demanding a w-2 or a look at your checking balance, the whole thing seems silly to me. If there were such a seperation in how a customer is percieved by how they dress than I never would have been helped on my first LV visit, but I was & have been well treated ever since no matter what I am wearing. this "study" has no opposing view & only focuses on bad experiences reported by some unsatisfied "shoppers"[ I have my doubts about some of the claims in the comments as well] & no positive ones to balance it out, highly questionable "facts" & conclusions IMO.
  12. very interesting
  13. i remember the first time i entered an LV boutique...i was really so anxious and worried that i might be snubbed by the SAs but lo and behold...they were actually nice people! surely some may have had bad experiences because after all the SAs are also human beings who have their own personal baggae to deal with but over all i guess they can't be intentionally rude...and if they, are who cares? i don't go to the store because of the SAs, i go to the store because i believe in the product's quality and i have such high regard for the craftmanship it has gone through. The feeling of being surrounded by these elegant bags and goodies is my idea of an LV experience and no SA can possibly ruin that...
  14. I suppose one would say they are delivering an effective experience. Experience here defined as quality bags with an exclusive appeal.

    But I think it is because it is a tangible product.
    For instance, a stay at a Four Seasons Hotel also creates that effective experience with the emotional memory.

    Though, I understand the low marks in customer service and not because of SA attitude, but for simple things like follow-up and consistancy in service (I do not have my own SA).

    This is why I am loyal to the brand but not a boutique and it appears that LV wants it that way.