Is Louis Vuitton an "everybodys-bag"???

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  1. I just came back from the little town, where i live - and i'm a little bit frustrated! I saw so many Louis Vuitton bags in 2 hours, incredible!:nuts:This makes me unsure, if i will buy more LV bags in next time. I like to have something special and not bags who has everybody!?:confused1:What is your opinion about that!:confused1:
    Hopefully you understand my English - sorry!
  2. Where I am I see way more Coach bags. It is aggravating to see so many. I think LV is different and wouldn't mind seeing more of those-I'm always checking out other peoples bags!!! It's one of the first things I notice!
  3. The usual ones you see are the monogram and the damier. If you want an LV that is subtle and classic, you can always go for the epi or the newer lines eg. azur, onatah, suhali etc. But the damier and the monogram are always a classic. You can probably see a lot of them but they may not ALL be authentic - unless you live in Japan =)
  4. Swiss people have a lot a class. Don't stop because of this. I'm swiss living in the USA. Hee hee. But seriously don't stop loving something good just because other people enjoy it also.
  5. dcooney4 - und chasch denn no echli Schwiizerdütsch?!ggggg:graucho::graucho:
  6. Do you not wear jeans because it's "everybodys-pant"? I mean, who cares, really. I wouldn't let other people influence my bags, etc. buying decisions. If you want to carry a less common LV, go for lines/styles that are less common (onatah, epi, etc.).:idea:
  7. Swiss people do have a lot of class and are very peaceful... I don't know this as a fact, but they're always granting asylum to ones who need it. We all love the Swiss! Geesh, which reminds me, I need to open a bank account there...hehe...
  8. Bagaddict, i have some Epi bags, but i don't like Suhali, Onatah, Damier. And the vernis bags are not "everiday bags". So i like for everyday the Monogramm bags very much. But they are really very very often to see in Switzerland (and MOST are AUTHENTIC!)...:yes:
  9. Veronika, thanks for your compliments!:heart: And if you have too much money, i'll be the bank account for you!!!:yahoo:
  10. H-addict, ofcourse i wear Jeans, the "everybodys pants". But they are not so expensiv!!:graucho:

  11. I hear you!:yes:
  12. I buy/wear what I like, it doesn't bother me who has it but I agree if you want a more subtle bag then go for the Epi, very classy & not so common.
  13. Same here. :yes:

    I don't think it would bother me to see more LV as long as they are legit. :tup:
  14. Move to my town!
    LOL no really... I never see LV. I do see 47905 Coach bags when I go places, which is probably why I am not a Coach fan. I understand what you mean, but maybe you should opt for non-mono LVs. Sure there are lots of people with Mono LVs, but how many people where you live have Epi or Vernis bags? Probably many less!
  15. Thank you all. I think i'll buy a Roxbury next week!!:yahoo:
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