Is London Tote over?

  1. I completely agree! Even throw in a bold yet neutral like a red or something. Don't say orange though, then I would have to buy one, lol. ;)
  2. I agree with you Tejas. Bring back London Tote in black snake!
  3. The Londons are selling like nobody's business. This is one super-great bag!:woohoo:
  4. Yes, they are! I got one in grey snakeprint as well. Honestly, both this and black are must haves in my opinion. So incredibly luxe!
  5. I've got a full-sized gray snake London in the making too. I just couldn't resist it. Still trying to decide what lining to choose. I am SO in love with the London. It's just beautiful. Comfortable. Secure. Head-turning. What else could you ask for in a pocketbook? I definitely don't think the London is over.


  6. Hi Moon! Cool, you joined into the grey snakeprint London. You will love it. It looks sooooooooooo expensive and chic. I adore it every day. You know that I BECed it in Navy Snakeprint. Will see that soon. I think that will be it for me. I don't like having too many bags in the same style. The Grey that I have is fullsize. The Navy I BECed is in midi size, since I wanted more of a handbag, instead of tote look. xxxooo
  7. I saw the navy on FB. Gorgeous. I'm so happy you're back here, Gal. I've really missed you. Wish all the other vanishers would come back too. It's just too quiet here, and there are so many styles and new leathers to discuss with ladies who love them all just as much as we do! Not to mention all the eye candy pictures we are missing since it became so quiet here.

  8. You will love it! The grey is such a lovely tone and fits a totally different need than a dark color. I don't think the London is over either. I think it is simply low in stock and awaiting new color options as well.
  9. There are several options for stock London Totes right now so if anyone is considering this bag, now would be a good time since the price (and wait time) is better an BEC and you can always return it if it doesn't work out.

    And the grey snake midi is available again....I wonder how many they have..:cool:.
  10. I just saw this - some FABULOUS colors! I just posted a photo of my LT Midi in grey snakeprint on BE's FB page today - love that bag!:smile: