Is London Tote over?

  1. So now I'm back...and the London Tote disappears from stock? I just got into it! I've been looking at the black snakeprint London Totes...and me likey! But I guess it is now only a BEC item? Bummer.:confused1::shrugs::pout: Anyone have any intelligence about this?
  2. TG,

    I'm pretty sure the London Tote will return. Not sure when but it was a pretty popular style this past year and I'd be surprised to see it disappear completely. I just think the new 2012 styles are getting the attention right now. We'll keep our fingers crossed!
  3. I promise you that you need a London Tote, whether it is the midi or full. I've never had a BE bag THIS comfortable. The top of the handles are flat, and they sit on your shoulder so smoothly. The shape of the bag makes everything inside kind of sit there in balance, so the whole thing together is just very, very comfy. Plus, the big pockets on each side of the bag are really great. I normally use my Rock Me for traveling, but this roomy London is going to be great for that too, especially since it has a zipper closing AND snaps. It would be awfully hard to pickpocket, IMO. I don't have the midi, and lots of ladies think the full is too big, but I find it just right. I am SO in love with this style. Simple, easy, beautiful. Ask Jackie if she can't hunt down a black snake that might still be hanging around somewhere as a sample. One time she found a forgotten sample for me. I can't remember which bag that was now, but it was gone from stock when I decided I wanted it.
  4. I checked with Jackie on future stock on the LT midi and she said she is not sure yet if it will be available again in the SS 2012. Just wanted to let you know. I hope it is!
  5. I hope so. That is one of my pet peeves. Just when bag starts to gain some momentum and we fall in love it disappears from stock. Ordering everything couture is just so time consuming and expensive.
  6. Ally, I agree! I sometimes takes me a while to warm up to a style and the only midi they have in stock is in anthracite...but I have that leather already in another style.

    I'm sure if enough people ask and BE see there is a demand, they may make some. I know it must be tough for them to decide what to make as stock. Some people want the old styles, some people want the new styles and I'm sure there are people who want a mix...but I'll bet they all want the mix to look different! :p
  7. ^^^^So, VanBod, the London Tote in Anthracite on the website is a midi? It doesn't say midi. I looked at the measurements and that looks plenty big, then.
  8. A BE lady emailed me that the regular London Tote and the midi London Tote are practically the same size and she suggests I go for the regular size. When I looked at the pix that Tejas posted in the group bespoke thread, the midi looks like a handbag, and the regular looks like a tote. Opinions?
  9. ^They don't really look the same size when worn but I guess BE would know better. I don't have this bag yet so I'm just going from the comparison pics. TG, I could be wrong about the LT on the site being a midi - sorry!
  10. I just found out the anthra London Tote on the BE website is a regular size.
  11. Hi, I found out what Tejas found out: currently no plans to bring back the London Tote for Spring 2012 as a stock item. There's only the Anthra fullsize on the website right now. Jackie remains undecided about issuing this bag... darn! I guess the new Paris tote will take its place...but I don't want so much hardware. Makes it busy and heavy.
  12. TG, I absolutely love the look of the Paris Tote but I'm with you on those extra buckles adding weight...and it doesn't look like it has those amazing exterior pockets! I'm waiting to see Jackie's review on the blog about it. It certainly does look like a very chic bag though!
  13. I also agree about the Paris tote. That hardware doesn't look back-friendly to me; I much prefer the London Tote because it is so easy to carry. I understand that new styles have to keep coming to be competitive but I sure wish that some of these bags would stay around longer. It seems that just as the London Tote is getting a following, it's gone. I hope this decision will be reconsidered--maybe it will be. :smile:
  14. DITTO!! :smile:

    This is a staple bag all must have in my opinion. I have a midi on BEC in black snake print and cannot wait to get it!! Plus, the combo of this bag with the black snake print is winning combo. That leather is beyond amazing and does not show any wear!
  15. I think that if she brought back the LT Midi in black snake, whiskey, anthracite and maybe one other color choice, they would all sell very well.