Is London Fog just a Burberry Knock-Off?

  1. I saw a kickin' LF trench over the weekend. I loved the style, but am wondering if I would be buying a "fake". Should I hold out indefinitely for a more expensive Burberry or get the LF I love right now?
  2. Hmm London Fog is a brand that's been around for awhile...I've seen it before when I was little.
  3. ^^ Agree. London Fog has been around forever! My grandparents have coats from LF from the 1980's. I think the company was founded in the 1920/1930's, so they are not really a fake, IMO. The particular style may be close to Burberry, but LF makes tons of trenches and always has. I don't see LF copying a Burberry design outright either. They are a pretty classic, bit of a basic brand.
  4. It's definitely a nice brand with stores in upscale malls and so on. But I agree they seem to be a less expensive version of Burberry.

    As for your trenchcoat decision, if you love this coat... then why hold out for the Burberry coat? It's more expensive, more widely faked, and the only thing you're paying extra for is the Burberry label insides --- as I think they're about the same quality-wise.
  5. I think London Fog makes a great quality coat. Much cheaper than a Burberry. I bought one back in the 70's ( it's gone, alas.) With the money you save on the LF, you could do something else.
  6. I agree. I sort of look at it like why pay 300 dolalrs for jeans when the ones that are 120 are just as good?

    My parents have some LF trench coats as well as burberry and I dont really see a big difference besides the burberry pattern in the lining.

    If you love the LF coat go for it!! Its not fake!
  7. Now that you mention it, I remember hearing the brand London Fog when I was a teenager. Sorry, I don't know anything about them.