Is lizard durable?

  1. I have a weakness for lizard and I am seriously contemplating a 25 cm Birkin in lizard for everyday run-around use (I carry only a wallet, mobile, keys and lip gloss most of the time). But I wonder about lizard's durability and would appreciate some thoughts from those of you who own lizard bags/wallets. Also, can lizard be refurbished?

    Btw, a couple of days ago, I saw a huge (at least 1.5 foot) monitor lizard while driving and almost hit it. All I could think of was how it might look as an H accessory!!! :p
  2. In a word, no.

    It's a fairly delicate leather (from what I've been led to believe by SA's and from personal experience) but with care it holds up really well. My only lizard piece is from 1982 and still looks fab, but I use it with care.

    Others may have a different opinion?
  3. I hve a soft spot for lizard skin..

    i have enquired before abt a lizard fuscsia bearn wallet & the durability of the skin - the SA told me it is very durable, no worries abt water/scratches etc & there shld be no concerm abt the 'scales' peeling (as i feedback tt i heard the 'scales' were so delicate. she was puzzled & asked 'wat scales' since the leather had no visible scales, it looks like embossed skin)

    then again, there are others here tt say otherwise... (its confusing)
  4. i must add - the SA even said that the lizard is one of the most durable skins amongst hermes skins... (i hve to admit that i was quite convinced as the lizard skin appear to be very hardy)
  5. sorry but that SA should be slapped. lizard is what i call a strong delicate leather. it need caution and spa visits but if maintained properly can last a very long time and yes it is pretty scratch free BUT water? no way it will be gone in a minute.
  6. tks. :biggrin:

    the SA was from hermes HK (sino) store - so anyone here, just beware. (from what it seems, i think SAs in asia in general are really quite clueless)
  7. Just so you know, H staff do pop into tPF to read stuff.
  8. I agree, Lilach....and bbbo - the lizard scales can lift - your SA was wrong...I have seen a little Kelly with peeled scales all over! I think it was from water damage?
  9. well, I can only say from 6 mo. experience...I LOVE IT IT'S GREAT! I used it in rain, wind, etc. so far so good!
  10. Me too...I LOVE LIZARD!!!!!!
  11. I love lizard but I was always led to believe it was hard to maintain. What happen if it does peels?? Is it repairable?
  12. Once those scales fall off, I was told there's really nothing you can do.
  13. ^ Ewwww....the Kelly I saw with peeling and missing scales looked fluffy!!!!!!!
  14. That is reassuring avandome! But did you use it on and off or very often?