Is Lip Gloss Age Appropriate?

  1. I have a question.
    I am 32 years old. I really love lip gloss, especially Clinique's Impossibly Glossy, but sometimes I wonder if I'm too old to wear lipgloss. You know, that maybe it looks too "high school?"
    What does everyone think about this?
  2. I worked for a beauty counter and IMO, there is NO AGE LIMIT for lipgloss!!! I've sold plenty of lipgloss to "older" women. Most of them preferred something with LESS shimmer. :smile:

    Lipgloss all the way!!

    ANd btw, 32 is NOT old.

  3. lip gloss looks sexy on everybody :smile:
  4. I agree no age limit on the lipgloss. Lipgloss ON!
  5. No age limit to it :biggrin:
  6. I think there is an age limit on lipgloss, but 32 is definitely not it.
  7. I agree- lip gloss has NO age limits. BUT, if one's lips are clearly over-glossed and has loads of lines in it, then it's maybe time to tone the gloss down to a less glossy shade.
  8. I hope not because I'm 47 and wear it,
  9. No way! I'd skip the sparkles though.
  10. Are you joking ???? of course it depends of your style, how you dress but usually 32 is super young !!
    BTW I love clinique´s lip gloss too. In bright pink !
  11. When I saw the title, I thought you were going to ask whether little girls should be allowed to wear lip gloss, lol. (FWIW, dh and I think not.)

    IMO, 32 is certainly not too old for lip gloss. I like a subtle lip gloss, more like a sheer color with a hint of sparkle. Looking at the Clinique website, I can't really tell what the Impossibly Glossy lip gloss would look like. Wouldn't it be helpful if they would post pictures of what the colors looked like on actual lips? :smile:
  12. I am 38 and love my lip gloss. Oh my gosh, I hadn't realized I was old.:shrugs: I'm just going to continue acting immature and hope that people don't notice.:supacool:
  13. No way no age limit on lip gloss although can't imagine on 80 year old LOL
  14. I'm (ahem) getting older and only started wearing lip gloss about a year ago. I find that it makes me look softer and younger than a cakey, opaque, dry lipstick. One caveat, if you have long hair, like I do, don't wear lipgloss on a very windy day :p
  15. Heck yeah I love's on! Chanel Glossimer in twinkle is my absolute fave because it stays put and doesn't make me look like I'm drooling, hee hee.