Is lilac 06 still available?

  1. Can anybody tell me whether if Lilac 06 is still available in the first? I really want to get the lilac colour as my first b-bag after seeing so many pretty pictures! It really comes down to the black or the lilac but I figured black is available every season right???
  2. Hi Chris. I think lilac is pretty much sold out. Your best luck might be eBay. Good luck!

    Btw I also want a black first =)
  3. :hysteric: damn! but i had such high hopes of owning a new lilac first!!!! do you think they will come out with a new lilac for the next season? Is lilac one of the popular colours??? or they just don't make enough since its not a classic colour like browns and black?
  4. I think someone just listed a Lilac available at a store, cult status in Australia, I think. Check the other recent threads for Cult Status. Good luck!
  5. I just bumped the thread on the current stock of BalNY back to the first page. It shows the current stock - I think it was 2/7/07, and it shows they still have a 06 lilac first in stock. Call them. :yes:
  6. I recently received the current stock list for Cultstatus too - they had a lilac in twiggy I think - but I'm looking for the first for my first b-bag!! I shall try BALNY and let you guys know!

  7. Good luck - ask for Terry - tell her that a purse forum member referred you - Larnette posted the BalNY stock listing, and I'm sure that Terry would want to know where the referral came from. :smile:

    I called and was able to order a rouge theatre that they still had in stock from 05. I rec'd the bag yesterday, and it is beautiful. :smile:
  8. I just saw one on eBay - search for Balenciaga Lilac
    Good luck!!
  9. Lilac first and twiggy on eBay right now!

    Good luck!
  10. Is there a difference between a lilac and pale lilac?? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: and will BAL NY send you pics of the bag if you were interested?
  11. Yes, BalNY will send you photos so you can see the leather. Good luck!
  12. Lovely~ what did you get in the rouge '05???? Love that color!:love: Congrats!!!:heart:
  13. Wow, a Rouge Theatre?! What style did you get? That is a wonderful find!
  14. I think eBay would be your best bet now. Good luck in your search!
  15. me want lilac too!!