Is light brown a good winter color? Need advice on a new handbag

  1. What colors are good for the winter? I am looking at a BV handbag in light brown and I am wondering if I will have to put it away in the winter months. I live in NY and tend to wear a lot of dark colors in the cold, but I am seeing so many gorgeous colors and various shades of fall leathers. So the question is - what works for the winter? Do you wear any color anytime? Thanks for your advise. :confused1:
  2. I think that if it was like a saddle color, it would be perfect for the winter. I think anything but white or light pastel colors would be perfect for winter.
  3. Sounds like a perfect all-season color to me - light enough to stay fresh for summer, but will look great with earthy fall colors. Even if you wear a lot of dark colors or black during the winter I think a tan or saddle color can look very classy with a darker outfit.
    I agree with Compass Rose - really the only colors I will not do year-round are pastels or white... and even that rule is out the window with a nice winter white or cream bag, depending on the style.

    I say go for it!
  4. IMO, I prefer darker color bags, especially in the F/W.
  5. I think, depending on your outfit, a light tan bag can be worn all year round.
    However, here the winter is pretty mild. I just have to be careful about what can get rain on it.
    And I've never been good with winter white, other people can pull it off, but not me.
  6. I think neutrals are good for winter. Bright colors as well. Pretty much anything except for pastels and true white.
  7. i love all colors during winter. dark colored bags are nice but a light white would also be so cute.
  8. I think you can wear any color during the winter - it's the material that determines the season more than the color (i.e., chiffon is better suited to summer; wool is better suited to winter).

    I prefer darker colors in the fall/winter and lighter/brighter colors for spring/summer but I break this rule a lot. A mid brown or camel is perfect for any time of the year IMO.
  9. I think that light brown can still work for winter. A lot of lighter colors seem to be featured for pre-fall so far. A BV purse is a great investment and will never be "out".