Is lg. Sabrina too bulky as a shoulder bag?

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  1. The large Sabrina seems too bulky when I put it on my shoulder. I love the new walnut color and the small Sabrina is just too small. How do you like the large one, esp. when carried on the shoulder? Thanks!
  2. Hi I have a couple of the large sabrinas and I am 5.2 and I will wear them on my shoulder. I like to wear it on my forearm but when my hands are full i just throw it over my shoulder and have no problems with it. I have a small sabrina but it seems so much smaller than the large one for all my stuff, it depends on how much you carry. You just have to try it out and see what feels comfortable for you.
  3. Hi,

    I love, love, love my sabrinas. I have three large and two small sabrinas, but I personally feel they work better (and show better)on the crook of the arm or carried by hand. I will sling it over my shoulder for a few minutes if I need to use both hands, but I find it uncomfortable to carry all the time on the shoulder because, as you mentioned, there is a bit too much bulk directly under the arm. The sabrina is a fabulous bag that I feel was meant to be carried on the arm or by hand. Hope this helps:smile:
  4. I love the large one and I wear it with the strap as a shoulder bag all the time. It totally changes the look of the bag too, which is nice to have 2 looks in one bag. I don't find it uncomfortable with the long shoulder strap. It is a bit bulky to carry using the satchel straps (shorter ones) directly under the arm...
  5. No, it's not too large to wear on your shoulder!
  6. Are you talking about wearing your Sabrina on your shoulder with the should er starp or the handles? I agree that it is too bulky to wear by the handles. I will wear mine on the shoulder starp only when I need to as I really don't like the look of it when worn like this. I agree that it is a beautiful bag that looks best when carried in the hand or worn on the arm.
  7. I have two large Sabrinas and use the shoulder strap only when I need my hands free. I think it looks cutest when worn on the arm, but I honestly think that the shoulder-carry option looks fine too, and not overly bulky at all.
  8. I had a large sabrina but ended up returning it (then buying another and returning it) because it was very uncomfortable on my shoulder. Well, even more than uncomfortable, I didn't know what to do with the inside handle because I thought it looked and felt awkward both up and down. I too think it looks better worn on the arm or by hand but that style is just not convenient enough for me.
  9. I have both the large and small/medium size sabrinas. I don't really like the way the large sabrina looks on me when I carry it with the shoulder strap. I am petite and it looks like a duffle/luggage when I carry it like that. I use the shoulder strap only when I have to.