Is Leoleila Leopard Shawl still available in stores?

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  1. Darn the pf!! All the sudden I want this shawl. Are any around in the US? should I even bother trying to track it down?
  2. I'm on your quest too :smile: I can't believe I missed this somehow and now that I have seen it I want it... what are the chances of finding two ?
  3. You get first dibs if only one!
  4. Hee-hee--I am a big fan of leopard print too and had no idea that H made them until very recently. I may settle for the LV one, I do have a Coach one...but an Hermes one would be exquisite. Good luck ladies, hope you're able to find two!!!!
  5. that is so sweet:love: :kiss:
  6. Rileygirl, the LV one is very easy to get....I'm trying to decide if I should just grab one of those or try to find the hermes....
  7. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news ladies....

    when this stole was issued, people made a mad dash for the natural/brun and no one could find few were purchased by the boutiques! I got the last natural/brun offered by my boutique and I know only a few people were able to find it (why Hermes, why???)

    No one in the USA, Britain, France, or Italy purchased the pink Leoleila! (I know cuz I called all over the world looking...again, Hermes, WHY??) It was only by the kindness of MaiTai that I was able to obtain this grail...I thanked her for it in this thread.
  8. O wow that is such a warming story ! I'm so happy you found one!!!! it looks gorgeous sigh... and MaiTai is just amazing... isn't she?

    well guess this is going to be very very difficult... I keep my fingers crossed !


  9. ah figures!!! LV may be the only option right now....
    thanks so much Katel for the info.
  10. Rocker--call me crazy but I am thinking that the LV stole is a little pricey...for LV. Haha. I think I am going to send up getting it though.

    Good luck!

    Katel--I saw your thread when it was first posted and it was the reason I fell for it but knew I would probably not be able to get it. As you know I love your taste!!!!
  11. I know someone will put one up on the MP or ebay.....I feel sure of it....will keep my eyes open for all of you.
  12. Thanks K. :heart:
  13. i asked at madison and they said they didn't have it and it was finished.
    would love to find it.
  14. Rocker I've been looking for a leopard shawl for ages and when I couldn't wait a minute longer..... I bought the LV one. 10 days later MaiTai poasted the new scarf booklet with the H one :Push:

    That said the H one was in limited supply and I never even saw one in a store and Katel's story (which is a great one) confirmed my suspicion that there weren't many in the first place.

    That said - I love the one I have, it's a different texture to my GM cashmeres but I am mighty ticked off that it has been re-re-issued IYKWIM. When I bought mine (in the recent issue not the original one years ago) it was hard to get and now it's everywhere but I guess that's LV for ya.

    Serves me right for needing instant gratification :P
  15. Rocker...I actually LOVE the LV shawl... I like how it is kind of is so easy to throw around and wear different ways... : )
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