Is Legacy white hard to keep clean?

  1. Since I just decided to trade my whiskey shoulder for a white ali I want to know what you gals do to keep your white bags clean? This is going to be an everyday bag and while I'm anal about my bags, I still worry! I have never owned a white bag before! I wonder, is coach leather alright to use stain and rain protectors on, like Apple brand? I want to use everything in my power to not mess up this bag. It will be my only purse here in a few days! Thanks bunches!
  2. good question!
  3. I'm not sure about putting anything on it. But I did read that baby wipes work well on the white legacy leather to keep it clean. I'm thinking about getting a box for at home and a small travel package to keep in my bag as I have a white Ali on the way too. And if you don't use them on your bag, they're handy for other messes! LOL! I do think that there are other threads about this so try a search and see what you find.
  4. Yeah I did a search and baby wipes I did see but I wasn't sure about putting that extra layer of protection like stain repellant. I certainly can keep some in my bag tho, lord knows I'll have the extra room now! :yahoo:
  5. I don't have white leagcy, but do have a parchment Carly and I haven't had issues keeping it clean. I used lovin my bags protectant on it (Lovin my Bags) and I do store it in its dustbag while at work b/c I write on a white board when I teach and wind up with the ink all over me! I do rotate my bags too and I know that's a factor in keeping it clean as well.

    Hope this helps a bit!
  6. I am deathly afraid of white leather just cause I've read that it can yellow over a period of time. I hope this hasn't happened to anyone with w Coach bag.
  7. I use Appleguard cleaner/conditioner on my white and black ali's. I managed to reduce an ink mark with it. Appleguard does not change the color. I use a soft baby wash cloth with velour texture. I did notice some blue jean transfer one day and immediately used Appleguard to clean it up. I really do think its important to clean immediately and not allow spots and stains to set. Mine hasn't yellowed if it ever does Coach is going to know about it! Our nice bags cause us toooooo much anxiety!
  8. Thats great to hear! It's actually your Ali pics that made me want one so bad. ;) I have Appleguard stain repellant stuff and the moisturizer. I really wanna work to keep the white bag as white as I can for as long as I can!
  9. I am not an enabler!!!!! But, of all the bags even Coach bags, this has been the best purchase for me, my lifestyle . . . country life. I live in dirt, everything is dustier here. I'm careful about where I set my bags down of course, sometimes even carry a towel with me! It's not a bright white, not a formal or conversative bag, so maybe that'll lend to some graceful aging!