Is leather protection spray only for handles or do you spray canvas too?

  1. Hello everyone,

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area but I have done a lengthy search under the vachetta section and cannot find the answer to my question. When you use leather protection spray on your bag, do you spray it only on the handles or the entire bag?

    I have a MC Priscilla, do you need to spray the canvas as well?
    I also have the Dentelle, do you need to use it on the vachetta since it is the darker caramel color? Would you recommend spraying it on the canvas as it has lace on it?
    I also bought the Mirage Speedy in noir, do I need to spray the handles as it is patent? Would you recommend spraying the canvas too?
    My last LV bag is the Popincourt Haut-- do I need to spray just the handles or the entire canvas?

    I want these bags to last and want to take preventive measures to protect it. :heart:

    Also, I read a lot about how to clean the vachetta (baby wipes, magic eraser, regular white eraser) but how do you condition it afterwards?
  2. Only on the vachetta....I would not treat the dentelle or mirage. I use appleguard conditioner after I use the magic eraser or baby wipes.