Is Le Precieux Bigger Than L'aimable?

  1. anibodi knows wut is the size for le precieux? isit bigger than l'aimable?? thanks
  2. I think the Le Precieux is slightly smaller than the L'Aimable in terms of volume.
  3. Le Precieux: 9.3"x 5"x 1.6"
    L'Aimable: 8.6" x 5.7" x 2.2"

    Le Precieux is longer, but shorter, and much thinner. Volume-wise, L'Aimable is 107.8 cubic inches, while Le Precieux is only 74.4 cubic inches. The thinness of le Precieux really makes it a lot smaller overall. But it's so cute!
  4. Yeah they're both pretty small but the L'Aimable has just a tad bit more room since it's more boxy.
  5. It seems like the Le Precieux is basically like a pochette accessoires, but a tad longer and thicker...
  6. but won't the unstructured shape of the Le Precieux allow it to give or expand a bit than the boxy L'Aimable?
  7. ^^ That's what I was thinking DD...the Le Precieux isn't as boxy as the L'Aimable so I would suspect the two to fit just about the same amount of stuff...
  8. It seems like the precieux has more room since it has less structure (no studs) so I guess you can put more stuff inside. It's also more versatile since you can use it as a clutch or a shoulder bag.
  9. it is not versatile anymore if it is too small. :smile:
  10. no actually it's quite smaller. i brought my l'aimable with me when i went to go see the new fall/winter collection, and tried on the le precieux while i was there. it is very me, but i think quite a bit smaller than l'aimable.