Is Large Ursula Bowler too huge?

  1. I havent seen either large or small ursula bowler IRL, and need you girls' opinions on this. I've done some browsing and reading through all the related threads in the forum plus looking at all the photos posted regading this bag. (love all of your ursula bowlers!:heart:) :drool:

    My main concern is, I am not sure whether it is good for casual outings or office. and, i think the small one looks cuter. there's a few being offered at eBay and i am not sure whether should i get the large or wait for a small one to pop out some day.

    anyone has large and small ursula bowlers? a photo of them both side by side will be great!
  2. I'm 5'3" and I have the small bowler and think that it's the perfect size for me. It can hold a book, my LV agenda, a small umbrella, my keys, blackberry and cell phone.
  3. I think the large one is nice, it's got that extra "oomph" to stand out with an outfit. I've seen some women IRL and it looked great on them. It's mostly a handheld bag, but I've seen some women carry it on their shoulders. Did you see the pics of Mischa Barton?
  4. i carried my large bowler (in moss) today... and i have to say, i absolutely LOVE this bag, but i'm 5'11, and big bags are my thing... i've seen the small bowler, and i definitely think it would be better suited for most people, especially for an office environment. i wish i had pics on my computer to show you the sizing, but from what i got of your post, i vote for the small.
  5. i've browse through all the visual aids photos through our forum. thithi, I've seen those Mischa's photos too, it looks great on her and the large doesnt look overwhelming on her! but, i guess she will looks great in any bags! haha... :girlsigh:

    I will do a compilations of all the photos I've found from the forum. (celebs and forum members) and show here later. ;)
  6. these are the visual aids photos that i've got from forum :



    (hope it is alright to compile all the photos this way. love all of your ursula bowlers! :heart: )

    so, what do you girls think about this large bowler? any opinions are welcome! :smile:
  7. ahh, i'm sitting here hugging mine... love it:smile:

    just keep in mind, mischa barton is about 5'8... but the large blue is :heart:
  8. hmm... I am 5'6 (170cm), most probably the large one will looks huge on me.
  9. Well, I'm not too familiar with this style, but just from the photos you posted, I'd say go small.
  10. I'm 5'7 and I have the large one. Honestly I don't think its large enough. I love big bags so to me the large bowler is more like a medium size bag.
  11. May I know which colour is that? Is the large bowler heavier than large MP, and does it look squash or weird to carry on shoulder? TIA! :heart:
  12. Thanks! I think the small bowlers will look cute and I do not mind a smaller bag since I've already have a few big bag! Maybe I should just get a small one if theres any. :idea:
  13. I have cashew( beigeish color). No its not heavy at all:nogood:!!! If its not full then imo it does fold inward a bit when on the shoulder, but when you carry it in the crease of your arm it holds the shape. It really is a great bag....
  14. I'm only 5'3.5 and I have the large size...I ADORE it!!!!!! :heart: :heart: But I just love big bags...I bought a small in a different colour but let it go, because it just didn't seem big enough for me... :shrugs:

    It's personal preference, but I definitely don't think the bag is so big that it would overwhelm your frame. At your height, I think there's more of a danger that the small will look too small on you than the large looking too big on you... :yes:

    Btw, it's not meant to be carried on the shoulder - it's definitely supposed to be held in your hand or on your forearm. Otherwise, trying to force it onto your shoulder will cause it to lose its shape and cave in...
  15. Hi nocturne76! I looove how great my midnight blue looks in that pic! The color really pops, yeah? I'm glad you took this question to the other members! I'm afraid I'm just too biased as I ADORE my bag and think it's wonderful. Good luck with your decision!