Is large signature Carly a lot heavier than large Ergo tote ?

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  1. I was wondering if there is a considerable difference in weight between the large signature Carly and the large Ergo tote in leather. I can't have them both in one place to compare so I was wondering if anyone out there has both then maybe they could tell me. Sorry I am still obsessing on totes so I need them to hold: 2 diapers, wipes,a change of clothing,snacks,an empty bottle and an empty sippy cup, wristlet or wallet, cell phone, maybe a camera, some makeup,maybe some papers. Thanks ! Also what are the chances of finding a chocolate signature large ergo tote in any of the outlets, I can't keep calling the outlets, I think they really know who I am by now and that I call about twice a week and neither DH nor his friend will call for me, they refuse lol ! I may be able to cut back on a few of these items so if this is unrealistic please let me know or which one would be better thanks !
  2. carly is much heavier, it just has to be.. ergos are so light!
  3. right now my DD is sleeping in my room but when she wakes up I will compare the 2 for you. I have the large chocolate carly and the large natural ergo tote.
  4. Thank you. Does the ergo tote scratch easily to the point that it bothers you or not ? I have the opportunity to get one at the outlet I think.

  5. I am going to say that the weight isn't much different. I think it's because the natural vachetta may weigh more than the burnished leather.. I may be wrong about that, but I was thinking the ergo was going to be much lighter. My ergo does scratch easily but I have been able to rub out scratches with my finger. Actually, I bought it on ebay with a broken turnlock (fixed by Coach for free!) and a large scratch on it but I was able to rub it right out.

    As far as carrying kid things in it... I do it with both but I prefer the ergo because I feel like the carly can be too slouchy and hard to get into at times. Ergo is really easy to slip things in and out because of the open top. For me, the carly is more comfortable to wear.
  6. Think my Carly feels heavier (more hardware) than my Blue Ergo tote - but it's hard to say sometimes, I carry so much for work and play (I move between two hospitals) But I think an Ergo tote would be more practical to haul stuff out of out - I sometimes hate playing with my zippers to pull things out of bags. I haven't seen the large signature ergo totes in either the Atlantic City, NJ or Reading, PA outlets - mostly the small signature version in black. But I did see that HUGE ergo tote from last summer in canvas with lime green piping - but I really didn't feel the need to haul that much stuff with me....:smile:
  7. The Large Carly is heavier than the Large Ergo. I 'm pretty sure that the hardware has a lot to do with it.
  8. The Carly bag is quite heavy because of all the brass hardware. As well, I find the shoulder strap is always slipping off.
  9. thank you, very helpful information !
  10. Hi- I am an older Coach Collector and new to the forum. I am really enjoying all the "coach" talk here and would love to purchase a Carly.

    I have some shoulder problems from years of hauling around shoulder bags. I do have a large signature Ergo that is not too heavy for me and does not give me pain.

    Would the medium Carly be more of an option weight wise ?? I think I need a Carly but do not want to risk shoulder pain and headaches. TIA
  11. I don't think the Carly is heavy at all COMPARED to the Legacy stuff. The hardware does make it heavier then the Ergo but it's really not all that heavy. Put on a Legacy bag for a day and you'll be BEGGING to wear the Carly to give your shoulder a break! ;)
  12. So true! I love my Legacy but if my back or neck is at all sore, I reach for my ergo. Its so light and comfy, I'm thinking of getting another.