Is Lambskin better than Leather...just wondering

  1. Saks is offering a Fendi Lambskin Spy Bag and a Leather Spy Bag. The prices are a tad different...any opinions?
  2. lambskin is super soft and supple... but delicate
  3. When you say delicate, :huh: does that mean it damages easily or does it lose its shape, after a year it ends up looking like a paper sack?
  4. lambskin is very stretchy... plus if you get it caught ona sharp edge or happen to scrape it on the ground... it will scuff or tear if there is enough force behind it.

    But hey, I love lambskin... i use it on the bags I make.. ya just gotta be careful with it..

    You can't use your bag as an assault weapon.
  5. Thanks Luna, I appreciate your opinion.
  6. No lambskin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i guess you could class goat in the same class as lamb, right??? well i think its much softer and it smells really yummy - not that i'd eat my bags but hey you never know with me! hahaha!