Is lambskin as delicate as people say it is???

  1. I just purchased a lambskin classic flap in the jumbo size. It has the new muted silver hardware and it's gorgeous! I need an "everyday" bag for suits ( although I rotate my bags everyday)

    They had the Caviar leather with the brighter silver hardware, but it paled in comparison to the lambskin. I'm pretty careful with my bags, but I am wondering if I will regret getting the lambskin later on.

    For those of you who has lambskin flaps, please let me know how they are holding up!

    I will post pics of this beauty soon! Thanks!
  2. the newer ones are actually more durable than the older ones.
    There's a 'finish' on them now apparently.
  3. My black jumbo lambskin is holding up very well, and I am very hard on bags.
  4. Thank thank you ladies!!! That makes me even more excited! :nuts:
  5. imgg -Can you please post a picture of your bag? I have not seen the lambskin with the muted silver hardware. Sounds fabulous!

  6. uugggg, my camera battery just's recharging....will post pics soon! Honeslty, I love it so much!!!! The SA said she wasn't sure how long they were going to have the muted silver hardware. I hope it's a staple otherwise I will have to get the small one sooner than I wanted!
  7. I bought a Chanel lambskin bag last year, before I joined tPF. (The pic below is borrowed from eBay, but that is the style bag that I own.) It's true that lambskin is delicate, but it's not that high maintenance. I've had my bag almost a year, and I have to be careful with it because it does scratch more easily than caviar, but the scratches do rub out. And the upside of lambskin is that it's extremely soft and luxurious. I don't hesitate at all to use this bag on a regular basis.

  8. If you like it just get it, but without a doubt lambskin is 10000000X more delicate than caviar.
    Im not sure what is consider the "new" lambskin but I got mine 2 years ago and after the first day of use - you can tell its used. But of course I got a light beige so that might make things even worst.
  9. That's good to know and a gorgeous bag!!! I love it!
  10. That's what I'm afraid of, but I do like it so much more!
  11. The new ones are not as delicate I tell ya! Chanel has finished them in such a way that is a little more durable than previous years.
    If you're pretty easy on your bag, lambskin is fine.
  12. Thank You!!! That's great to hear!!!!
  13. Cosmopolitan -- I LOVE your bag! It's such an unusual style. Would you mind showing us more pics, angles, etc?
    Which season is it from, and how much did it retail for? Thanks!
  14. LOL! I don't want to sound pushy, but if you're honestly not hard on your bags, new lambskin pieces are fine.
  15. ^^^ you're not pushy at all!! I am so happy you said something because I am inlove with lambskin!!! I am grateful you replied.....all my doubts went out the door!