Is lambskin as delicate as people say it is???

  1. Hey girls!!

    I am considering buying my first Chanel and after someone posted the gorgeous pink cruise flap, I have been dreaming about it ever since.

    The main thing I am worried about is after hearing from all you guys here, kinda puts me off getting a lambskin!!

    So girls, is it really hard to maintain?? Does the colors on the clothes your wearing always rub off onto it?? Does rain stain?? Or any other problems??

  2. Black lamb is definitely easier to maintain as it doesn't show dirt. I have used leather conditioner on it and even used black shoe polish and buffed it -- although do this sparingly and buff it really well. Don't want polish rubbing off on your clothes.

    The lighter lambskins I wouldn't want to carry every day just because of the dirt factor, but if I did use it daily I'd plan on taking it to Chanel to be cleaned.

    I've never had color transfer. I think this happens more on patent or white lamb. My white Chanel is caviar -- for ease of cleaning.

    There is nothing so fine as the look, feel and smell of lambskin. For those that want to carry the bag daily or tend to toss their bags on the car floor, etc. go caviar. Wipe it off with a baby wipe, and keep on going. It's like the energizer bunny.
  3. lambskin just screams-LUXURY!!! It's a very durable leather, with good care, it's easy to last 20, 30 years. Just look at the vintage lamb flap some of our lucky tPFer find, i honestly can't tell it's age. :yes: But you do have to pay attention regarding surface scratch, peeling etc, regular treatment (leather condition) will help, or if it's beyond what you can repair, Chanel can always fix it for you.
  4. lamb is delicate, I wouldn't carry it in the rain or wear a white lamb bag w/ a black top:nogood:
    That said, if you simply take care of it, I don't mean baby it, just care for it it's really not all that bad.
    It's not like satin or anything.

  5. I disagree and agree... like anything, if you take good care of it, lambskin bags will last a lifetime. However, be aware that light-colored lambskin is very prone to color transfer, scratches, scuffs, etc.

    I am not one to baby my bags so I avoid lambskin.
  6. keep in mind also that when you do bring it into Chanel supposedly (according to my SA), the leather does not come back feeling as luxurious and soft

    From what I hear, she described it as slightly rougher, perhaps a PFer could share her experience?
  7. I love the look and feel of lambskin. Dark colors are not too difficult to maintain, but over time, you will get scratches and scuffs (something unavoidable). For light colors, be gentle. I wouldn't carry light colors daily, as light colors are more prone to stains.

  8. and thats a caviar for Jahpson please! lol
  9. I don't have chanel lambskin, but I assume it's of high quality. I have Hermes gloves in lambskin that i wear daily, all the time, like 6 days a week and it's holding up perfectly! I don't think lambskin is *that* delicate at all really. Maybe just a little more prone to scratches than cow.
  10. i have a beige Chanel lambskin bag and ruined it after the first wear. I was new to Chanel and did not realise how delicate lambskin was. I put moisturiser on my arms and wore my bag out and it had all these grease stains on it. It goes aways after a while but the bag is so dirty and I have only had it for 1 and half years- I am going to have to buy a beige classic flap in caviar instead.
  11. Lambskin definitely picks up scratches, but many small ones can be blended away with your finger. One of mine is vintage and still looks AMAZING- so it can hold up over the ages if you take care of it.

    I've never taken mine out when rain threatened. What will happen to the lambskin??? I have black and dark brown lambskin and am curious....
  12. Thanks for the info. I just got a chanel lambskin and I've been wondering the same thing.
  13. Hi , My sister's Chanel lambskin tote in camel color did get ruined the first time she wore it. The blue from her jeans rubbed off on it. She took it to the Chanel in SouthCoast and they informed her the only alternative was to dye the bag black. As others have said-go with black. Good luck!
  14. My only lamb bag in a black Chanel. I think lambskin does require extra care (watching where you place it, don't let it hit into anything, etc), but I baby all my bags, it's just the way I am. Whether I carry a leather bag or a cloth one, I am always very careful of them (I'm like this with shoes too, I know, it's crazy).

    If you like to use a bag without thinking about it, go for caviar leather. And the caviar leather is really nice too, I have a few caviar bags and love them!
  15. well, taking something that soft in the rain would leave waterspots on it most likely.
    You can buff the little scratches out w/ your fingertip, when I say delicate I mean it scartches and will show wear quickler than calf.