is LAMB patent leather sturdy? or hard to take care of?

  1. I've got my eye on a patent leather lamb bag -- but if it gets scuffed up easily or marred easily, i don't want to invest!

    does anyone have a patent leather lamb bag? and if so, how is it holding up?


  2. i have a lipstick and saddle commodore and the patent leather is ripping on both sides where the handles attatch to the bag. im not sure how the all patent leather bags are..but this makes me weary of getting another.
  3. thank you!!!!
  4. Yah I think the larger bags had issues with the patent tearing at seams.

    I have a LS Mandeville and an Exeter and they're holding up well.
  5. The patent parts of my Shadow Mandeville have held up well and I have used that bag A LOT for over a year now.
  6. yeah im kind of angry with my commodore. i think i might clean it up and sell her ;(
  7. Other than a very small unexplained black spot on the handle of my Shadow Montego, all of the patent on my Shadow, Lipstick, and Chain Plaid pieces have held up nicely.
  8. I have a Kate Spade bag that is "almost" patent leather but not quite. Could it be Latigo leather? It's very shiny but not super-glossy.
    I am not sure how to clean and polish it. Is there such a thing as semi-gloss patent?
    Does anyone out there know what this is?
  9. i haven't had any issues with my lipstick saddle Rowington... overall, I'd say if it's a smaller bag you're probably safe... larger seems riskier