Is Kooba leather prone to scratching?

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  1. Hi Guys,
    First time poster in the Kooba forum here. I would like to purchase a Kooba Nina, and I was wondering if you guys found the type of leather on this bag was prone to scratching. There are a couple of marks are on the bag from Nordstrom and my SA told me this is natural for this type of Kooba leather. Is that true? Or was I just looking at a really used bag? Are this marks fixable?
    Please let me know. I would really value your input.

  2. The Nina and the Charlie and Nicole I had seem to have similar leather that would scuff more easily. The thing about the Nina is that the chain itself will scuff the bag if not careful while using it. Some of these marks might rub out....and some you have to live with. It's why I don't have any of these 3 bags now.
  3. A lot of ladies like the way that the scratches kind of add a little bit of individuality to each bag. I agree, so long as it's not some horrid 10" nightmare going down the front of the bag.
    Some of the older Koobas had this as well. Even those made in the same year. Just depends on how the leather was "treated" when it was made.
    The older Cognac Marcelles scratch a bit, but they're so pretty! :heart:
  4. The heavy matte finish lambskin is more prone to scratching. I've been very careful with my black Nina and moss Marcelle and still have just a couple. Wilson's helps.
  5. Thanks guys! Your advice is really appreciated. I think I'm going to go with the marks = individuality train of thought. Thanks again, guys!
  6. In my experience with a 2 year old Sienna (desert) it's not scratching but rather a turbo patina process on the handles (handles are too dark IMO now in a short time with rather seasonal, meaning only summer use). I also find this color prone to staining and have a couple spots on the lower bottom - just one side - due to sunscreen which may impact how well she would sell later. But I love her still and don't mind the wear and just happened a lot sooner than i anticipated with an infrequently used bag.
  7. you use lotion on your hands alot? Do you think that added to the problem. I know I never wore My B bag when I had lotion on because of the handle darkening from skin oils.

    I have taken to treating my handles several times over with Wilson's before useing them. Maybe that would add some longevity to these light colored bags.
  8. Hey Lexie...yeah I do use hand lotion but I always make a point for it to really dry before grabbing a bag. I'm sure it was a factor in the fast patina nevertheless.

    I did not treat the leather b/c I was afraid to do anything on the lighter color like desert (ironically b/c I was afraid it would somehow get stained when it got treated, ha ha). This is the lightest color bag I own so I really am all thumbs on how to take care of them.

    Anyway, I won't lose sleep over it b/c I guess the way mine wears adds to the character of the bag. I will definitely treat my lighter bags in the future!

    Thanks! :heart: