Is Kelly also hard to get?

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  1. I would like to know if it is easier to buy Kelly than birkin? Do I have to be on a 2-year waiting list? Does anyone know the price of Kelly (30 cm)? Any suggested store where I can buy Kelly?
  2. Where are you based?

    30cm Kellys do not exist.. the closest to a 30 cm in a Kelly is a 28cm and a 32cm.

    Use the search function as most (if not all) the information that you want have already been discussed. tPF is full of useful H knowledge so spend time here with us and you will learn lots. ;)
  3. The Kelly is often on display in some stores - your location makes a difference. I was offered several Kelly bags on my first visit when I went in to buy an agenda!
  4. I have chances to travel to europe from time to time, any suggested store locations?
  5. If you're based in the US, my local H (South Coast Plaza) seems to stock them on the shelves. I saw 2-3 out when I was there in Jan - nice, basic colors like etoupe, gold and black.

    I've read on this forum that NYC stores are generally well stocked on even Birkins so I would imagine the Kelly would not be difficult to find.

    If going to Europe, everyone seems to think that Paris (FSH and George V) are the meccas for bags.

    There are a TON of threads about anything and everything on here so searching on Kelly should bringing you a wealth of info.

  6. almost every time I walk into the Boutique there is at least one Kelly on display :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone:->