Is Kate Spade purses/bag made with real leather??


Sep 13, 2015
Tampa, FL
Hi all! Im not so familiar of kate spade and I really love real leather purses and always avoid the faux ones! I was wondering if Kate Spade is made if real leather like MK, or they use faux leather? Thank you so much


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May 6, 2017
The Kate Spade bags that I have purchased directly from high end department stores (for example, Nordstrom) or regular-priced from the official website have all been real leather (and felt like it!). I'm not as sure about the bags from the outlets. . . To me, the outlet bag leather feels stiffer and more plastic-like.
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Jun 2, 2017
Does anybody know if the cow leather ones are still made in Italy or are they made in China now??


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Oct 1, 2006
This is the question I am trying to figure out too. I purchased a bag from nordstroms rack years ago and it is perfect condition, I purchased 2 bags from the outlet and they seem stiffer to me


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Dec 4, 2017
Kate Spade almost always uses cowhide for the exterior of bags. General rule of thumb is solid colors are leather, prints are vinyl. This goes for both specialty and outlet. For more elevated collections (ie Madison Ave) you may see more luxe materials like calf hair, sheepskin or lambskin (lambskin is generally the softest and most delicate of the leathers and is very rarely used in handbags though since it is extremely fragile). When in doubt, look at the tag on the inside and it will tell you the material.


Mar 6, 2015
I have to say... No way. Generally they are not leather....

I have friends who work at leather shoe and handbag manufacturers. I showed them Saffiano "leather" KS tote. All my friends said categorically its NOT genuine leather. Its a high quality fake leather. I agree. I've used the bag (and other KS bags) for years and they never soften the way my high end leather bags do. In fact, on one bag the handles are stating to crack - not as leather cracks but how man made materials crack.

And let's be real - there is NO WAY any brand can retail a genuine leather bag for $300. If it retails for $300 the manufacturing cost must be well under $30 (you'd be shocked at the manufacturing cost of most thing!). You can't make a leather bag for $30.... Maybe a T-I-N-Y spot on the bag is genuine (like a zip pull tab) so they can get away with saying "genuine".

Also, Tagniello (spelling?) bags are plastic - not leather. I was disposing of a bag then decided to cut it up to see for myself- in the cross section you can see its a coated foam-type material - NOT leather.

Off topic - FYI: LV monogram canvas bags cost around $125 to make. $75 of that is for the 50 bucks for the canvas and leather straps.