Is Kate Bosworth sick?

  1. I think she looks waaay too thin in this picture :s. Does she eat at all??
    What do you think? Is that healthy? :s

  2. no, she does not look healthy.

    Its so needless, she was a gorgeous, radiant looking girl already, with no need whatsover to lose weight.

    She looks skeletal now, its v sad :sad:

    beware a gust of wind, that girl is going right over!
  3. she looks ill....that's NOT healthy at all...
  4. She looks so sick. She used to be so pretty and healthy looking (when she did that surf movie). It's so sad.
  5. That picture makes me sick. Even, when she wears a jacket, it clearly shows that her figure is way too tiny. She needs to gain weight.
    For some reason, she makes Nicole look 20 pounds heavier.
  6. way too thin, even her hair looks dull
  7. she looks great.
  8. pretty face but definitely looks like she needs to see a doctor about an eating disorder. What a pity.
  9. wow..she must weigh less than a 100 pounds...but still some people may think she looks great hence..the continual downward trend?
  10. I just want to feeeeeed her. :sad:
  11. ewww gross!

    Those horse tranquilizers really do work...yuck!
  12. pictures of her have been EVERYWHERE!! but you know she is just "naturally thin" apparently hollywood code for eating disorder.....its scary!
  13. Her head doesn't fit on her body properly... to me she looks far from ok.
  14. ^^ Bobblehead like almost.
  15. Really illustrates the old line "turn sideways and disappear".