Is Juicy For Kids?


Mar 20, 2008
When we went to Bloomingdales to look for a purse for my daughter's 21st birthday we originally were looking at Juicy because we figured it was in with the college crowd. The SA who was assisting us asked what occasion we we shopping for and when I told her she said Juicy was more suited for a 15 year old. We ended up buying her a Fendi. When we took it to her school she was very happy and when I told her we were originally looking for a Juicy she gave me a look like "No way would I wear that." So it seems the SA was right.

Now for the question. My niece is going to have her sweet 16 birthday soon. We were thinking of getting her either a small Prada or a Juicy. Is 16 too old for a Juicy? Which would your 16-year old rather have, a small nylon Prada or a bigger Juicy?

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Oct 18, 2006
Is 16 too old for a Juicy? Which would your 16-year old rather have, a small nylon Prada or a bigger Juicy?
when i was 16 i had a sportsac!

I think a juicy would be fine, or maybe a small coach. IMO a prada is too grown up for a teenager.


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Aug 11, 2007
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My niece is 14 and she is all about Juicy anything! Bags, clothes, jewelry... You name it!
I think she may grow out of it and move one to LV, Gucci, or Fendi, because that's what my sister is really into!
But I have to say....
Funny as it is, my mother who is 62 (and very hip, mind you) carries a black leather Juicy bag!!! LOL!
It is not one of the ones with all the dangly stuff, or the crowns and hearts, though, just a black leather bag with silver hardware. It still cracks me up, because I am 34 and I feel like I am too old for that bag! I love her to death, but do feel it is a little age-inappropriate. (She is so cute, though!)


Nov 19, 2007
in high school we always associated juicy couture with the tacky suburban girls with no style or sense of fashion, i know that sounds really harsh but it's just the way it was. i still wear the nondescript juicy sweat pants when i am in a hurry but anything else obviously juicy is a bit much.


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Sep 13, 2006
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my 20 yr old daughter LOVES Juicy -- she's been wearing it for years, in fact -- she carries a Juicy Diaper bag for her 1 yr old daughter!! I don't think Juicy is geared toward any one age -- it's an individual preference -- and Juicy makes A LOT more than just terry/velour bowler bags w/large logos on the front -- they've come out with some pretty nice leather bags/shoes that even I would carry -- BTW, I'm wearing a pair of Juicy flats right now, as I sit at my desk at work -- I also wear Juicy hoodies on my days off -- In fact, I just bought three new ones! (I also just bought my daughter a Juicy Bowler bag & she was totally thrilled!)


Dec 30, 2007
I think either Coach, Juicy or Dooney and Burke would be great choices for that age.


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May 5, 2007
Dallas, Texas
Haha, if Juicy was intended for tweens and teens why would they design diaper bags? I think it doesn't matter what age you are. If you like it, carry it. I am 21 and own 2 Juicy bags. One is the terry daydreamer in green and hot pink and the other is a nice cream colored leather hobo.


Mar 20, 2008
I'm at work now but I'll be home shortly, I'll try and post a pic of the Prada bag since I already have it. Once you see it you might change your mind about the age appropriate part, but if you care to look it up online it's a red mv515. If we change our minds about giving it to her we can always give it to another relative.


Feb 3, 2008
My only concern with Prada might be one of safety. In other words someone may try to steal her bag in school for the name versus a juicy or might I suggest a Lucky brand bag which might also be age appropriate but maybe not so flamboyante.


Jan 15, 2008
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I think it depends on how she dresses. If she is more of a tracksuit/casual type of girl, then get the Juicy. If she's more of a dress/skirt type of girl then the Prada. It's hard to make blanket statements based on age -- everyone is so different. Some girls don't even wear purses at 16! I would have been happy with Prada at 16, but I am typically the most "dressed up" person in any group I'm in, even when I'm in jeans.


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Feb 27, 2007
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juicy is definitely age appropriate for 16! if you're concerned with it looking juvenile, they have really nice leather bags too. i'm not a fan per say but the bags i've seen in leather have been very nice and i've considered a black hobo once or twice. never bougth it tho. i agree that coach or dooney would be good choices as well. Juicy seems to be the thing tho! Prada... haha you can get one of those for my Bday if ya want! :yes:


Mar 20, 2008
As promised, here is the Prada bag we are thinking of giving my neice alongside one my wife just picked up last Saturday. As you can see one is definitely for an adult, you think the other is ok for a teen?