Is Jomashop going to get anymore Zucca Spy's?????

  1. I really want this bag and it was at an all time low recently of like $885:nuts: Do you think they will get it back and will it be the same price?
  2. From my experience check the site religiously cos there is a chance that they might get more stock. And if they do get more stock it will be at the same price. I had my eye on a bag and it sold out. I kept checking and they restocked a month later and I got it. I hope they get more stock in for you!
  3. Thank you!!!!
  4. Since it's a permanent color, they may also get more stock in for the new season's crop, but at a not-so-good price.
  5. I hope they do restock(for $885) I really want one!!! Noegirl05, lets keep our fingers crossed!!!
  6. ^^^^lets!!!! The minute they have it back in stock I am grabbing it!!!
  7. Girrrrl, you and me
  8. I got an email from Zak at customer service... this is what he said

    Thank you for your inquiry at . Unfortunately we are completely sold out of this item. At this time there is no time frame as to when this item will be back in stock. Please keep checking our web site for availability.
    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Thank You,

    [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2] Customer Care
  9. ^ I got that same message when I enquired about a bag which they eventually restocked at the same price for a girlfriend's birthday. (speaking of which is so tempting to keep cos it's been sitting in my room for the past few months... and there is still a month to go till I can give it to her!!!)
  10. After seeing some modeling pictures, I want it too!