Is Jill A Bordeaux Medallion Tote Kinda Gal????lol!

  1. My SA sent me a text pic of this bag..apparently looks more brownish IRL.Is this bag too classic for me??
    Need your opinions....Mind u..I thought the black jumbo new chain was too boring for me and its my fave going out bag!LOL! so hmmm.....Maybe I should get it..what do u think?
  2. I would say no Jill.
  3. Unless it were for an evening sort of thing, I would think it would be WAY too small for you.

    My goodness, Jill. You're really running some extremes in your bag purchases lately. First the Goth Prada now a Medallion Tote. :wtf:
  4. Jill, although a lovely bag, I had for awhile and it didn't work for me. I would have said (and think i did say) absolutely yes to the flap, but I'm going for a no here.
  5. I would say no...
  6. no, Jill is not:nogood:
    Listen to your sisters Hon!
  7. LMAO..u guys crack me up!!!!
    So glad I have my PF sistahs to give me advice!!!!!!u guys rock!
  8. No way Jill!!! Not your style at all! It's very structured, and kinda boxy. I don't see you with that at all.
  9. No! My mom has this bag, it's so not JILL!
  10. Based on what I've seen you post I'd say it's def. too stuffy for you! BTW, I always love to read your stories of martini and shopping!! When will there be a NJ Chanel tpf get together? LOL
  11. No, not you. I love your jumbo flap though! What about the GST in the same color? It's bigger.
  12. ^I was kinda thinkin of the GST KATHY....

    LOLA...the LV gals r havin a SHORT HILLS MALL get togther this SUnday....!LOL!Ill be there!
  13. Hey, don't be dissin' the Medallion tote! It's chic, not stuffy. :rolleyes:

    But, ITA that the Medallion is not for Jill. It's too small and structured.
  14. I like it but nay for you.
  15. I personally would like it more if it were more red. As it is, I'd pass.