Is jewelry an appropriate gift for a bridal shower?

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  1. I'm invited to my husband's cousin's bridal shower next month. They are extremely wealthy, the shower is taking place at an exclusive Millionaire's Club country club, and I would like to get her something special.

    While she's family, I've only met her a handful of times, she's a surgeon and lives in Manhattan.

    She does have a registry, but I really don't want to get her bedsheets or a $200 platter for her shower gift. I was thinking about getting her a Tiffany necklace.

    The one I have in mind has the two mini hearts, and I was thinking of having her initial and her fiancee's initial engraved on each heart.

    But is this appropriate??? I don't really know her, so it may be too intimate a gift. But I think that it would be cute, and something different and special.

    I have never been to a shower that wasn't in the banquet room at Hoss's and in which the bride didn't really NEED the things on her I'm not sure if this is a good idea or a horrible one.

  2. Sounds like fun!

    Jewelry is so personal, have you thought about doing a gift cert from Tiffany's instead?
    I'd buy off the register, it makes it easy & what she really wants. Good Luck!
  3. since you don't know her, I'm going to vote "no".

    may not be her style and if you engrave, she can't even return it.

    I'm with Vegas..preferably off the registry (maybe she registered at Tiffany)
  4. I'd get something off her registry because you know it's something she wants.
  5. Go with a registry gift
  6. Stick with the registry, especially since you're not close.
  7. Registry. That's why she has one.
  8. Word on the registry

    ... or you can get her some pretty lingerie and a robe - think PRETTY instead of sexy b/c there will probably be older family members from both sides of the family and she may be shy in front of them.
  9. Another vote for Register gift - your gift idea sounds really thoughtful and lovely but would probably be more appropriate for one of your really close girlfriends or one of your own family members.
  10. Gotcha- I'll get her a fruit bowl. LOL
    Thanks for the input!

  11. good idea :smile: