Is Jessica's bag Bottega Veneta?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Don't know; but how about her boots? What brand are those? I love them.
  3. I saw BV got something butterfly design on the bag...but not sure about this one:shrugs:
  4. This is the BV butterfly bag...the detail of the butterfly seems a bit similar:yes:
  5. At first glance I would say no, but it does have the knotted leather bit and the butterflies... :confused1:
  6. Michael Kors
  7. I'm leaning towards not BV. That zipper pull doesn't look like any BV zip pull I've seen.
  8. Thanks; the style by any chance???
  9. McGraw
  10. BV's logo is a butterfly but I haven't seen that bag before.
  11. Don't know but she looks nice w/ the brunette hair in this pic.