Is Jessica Simpson Immature or just plain stupid?!

  1. Omg.. What's Jessica Simpson's Problem?! When Jessica and Kellie Pickler came in the same red carpet (MTV Movie Award). Kellie saw her and tried to say something or waved to Jessica. But Jessica ignored her and walked away from kellie. Huh??

    Omg.. Jessica, GROW UP!!!
  2. oh, that is bad!
  3. Where's this info from, I've never heard that story....
  4. I don't know...maybe Jessica didn't see or hear Kellie. There's usually a lot going on on the red carpet so it may not have been deliberate. Jessica doesn't strike me as being rude. We all know that the media likes to make something out of nothing for a story.
  5. i think a little of both.
  6. Wholeheartedly agreed. Not a Simpson fan.
  7. I'm not a fan of Jessica, but I have to agree with print*model, the media might be making something out of nothing.

  8. 1.)Us Weekly Magazine
    2.) TV HOLLYWOOD (Ofc, Gossip stuff)
  9. Is Jessica Simpson Immature or just plain stupid?!

    The answer to your questions is: PLAIN STUPID!:yucky:
  10. We won't even be talking about Jessica next year at this time.....there will be someone new who hasn't peaked yet. I saw girls at Nordstrom look at her shoe collection, laugh, and walk away.
  11. here here. the girls who are my age (22-25) are on the way out....their original fans are getting a little too old for their music and they're too old to be relatable to the next generation of teens...time for a new crop. :smile:
  12. Are you talking about Jessica's design shoe collection?? Omg, her design shoes are full of S**T and UGLY!
  13. I think its a mix of both!..the red carpet is usually busy, maybe she didnt see her. I agree with you ChaneloChanel! it is ugly..I personally think when celebrity make clothing lines they are usually overpriced for what they give you,and ugly
  14. So tabloids basically, I agree with Print Model, not buyin' this one, I mean what would be the point of being mean to an American Idol Contestant, Jess reportedly cleared in excess of $30 Mil last year??
  15. This is weird...I mean we can't recreate the moment and we didn't see it. Who knows what the heck happened? Anything to create drama...and if you haven't been able to see yet...the press seems like they are trying to take down Jessica ever since the announcement of the divorce. You really have to choose what you want to believe.