Is Jessica hiding something???

  1. I was reading over at and they have a set of pics of Jessica sunbathing and in every pic she's covering up her abdomen:shrugs:

    Here's one of the pics, I was too lazy to copy the other ones but they are up on that blog.

    Is she hiding something from us:yes:
  2. hmmmm...suspicious. perhaps she is hiding a baby bumpf rom us underneat that blanket?
  3. I noticed that, is a bit odd! But who...? Ken Paves? And what IS that that she is laying on? Does she just randomly pose? Because that does not look like a place one would stop to sunbathe, and she couldn't lay down and keep that silly hat on.
  4. ^ yep and how weird is it that the blanket/scarf thing just happens to be over her belly in each and every shot?!
  5. who knows!? Maybe she's gained a few pounds and that's where it goes first. That's where mine goes first and I cover it up too!
  6. Hmmm, that is odd, she usually flaunts her bod...but I just dont think she's pregnant.
  7. I saw photos of her in the same setting on a blog site where her hairdresser was working on her hair. Maybe she didn't shave? Who knows? I doubt she is pregnant.
  8. I doubt pregnancy too. Maybe she thinks she ate too much lately and she got a little weight on her. -shrug- I'd be surprised if it was a baby!
  9. I don't think she is either.
  10. o god wouldnt that be awesome! that would be a ridiculous scandal! :O
  11. maybe she had a tummy tuck????
  12. maybe a tattoo??? You're supposed to keep them protected for awhile after you get them.
  13. I don't thinks she's hiding anything.......she's so cute!
  14. Probably because her tummy is not as flat as it used to be(Daisy Duke) and she is embarrassed about it.
  15. You are so wise and I have noticed I agree with many of your posts.