Is Jaw Reduction + Zygoma at 21 Years old too young?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if 21 years old is too young to be doing jaw reduction surgeries or zygoma? When I smile, my lower face becomes wider and I'm considering jaw reduction surgery like many of you. But I'm concerned that perhaps being 21 years old is too young to do so and may lead to premature sagging as I read in many posts here. If you have any advice, that would be extremely helpful! There's probably no "right" age to do so, but any suggestions would help! Thank you
  2. It's not too young to do this. Don't let it do old to do this. In your age, there is less sagging than older. So if you have chance to do plz do not hesitate. I'm 25 and i think this is a bit late to do. I want this when i was 23.
  3. Thanks! Is it still very likely that I'll have to do a lift or something of sorts after my jaw surgery?
  4. Your skin loses elasticity as you age, so you can expect sagging to increase the older you get. That being said, the amount of "self-diagnosed" candidates for jaw reduction surgery is staggeringly high. The lower-face widening as you smile is perfectly normal and is just how the face works. Your case sounds more related to soft tissue than bone. If it's muscle, you can have botox to slim the jaw. If it's fat, your face will lose fat as you age anyway. Make sure that you know what you need before hopping on board the v-line surgery train.
  5. I heard zygoma causes sagging more than jaw but jaw surgery can also do it.

    What clinics are you going to? :smile:
  6. Thank you so much! You're right, my self diagnosis is probably incorrect. Is there any way you could determine whether its muscle or fat? >.<
  7. Definitely not too old but a few things to consider:

    a) Are you a candidate for the procedure? You will know this after having your X-Ray and 3d CT scan done at the clinic. This should be complimentary at most clinics imo. Ask for a cd also because exposure to radiation constantly as you clinic hop is not a good idea

    b) The degree to which reduction and section will occur. This refers to the aesthetic of the surgeon. IMO find a conservative surgeon. I was younger than you when I had my jaw reduction and the crappy surgeon resected too much bone and caused pre mature sagging on me. On top of that, even if you do not notice sagging at your current age, you will experience it sooner than later as bone reduction surgeries weakens your pre existing facial structure, including the muscle too. Hence be conservative with the surgery to minimize this side effect
  8. If you have lifting will you have no premature aging? Will it counteract it?
  9. Heres the problem, it is really not advisable to have lifting when you are so young. Furthermore, younger patients actually have a high risk of leaving visible scars than older patients according to Dr Bryan Mendelson. Reason for this is the skin has less creases to conceal scar tissue. The other problem is pre mature lifting will make a future lifting 10-15 years down the track somewhat more complicated. And non invasive lifting like threads etc are crap and does not provide a true lift. Gotta manipulate the SMAS to get a true lift.

    I did in fact do a face lift in my 20s but thats because i had significant pre mature sagging from mandible reduction due to oversection by those ****ty thai surgeons at the Yanhee back in my earlier days. -_-.So if you are adamant at doing facial contouring, best to be conservative imo
  10. The problem is that I already need the lift(was planning for macs) since I lost a lot of fat from botched laser and rf which were done so close together timewise, which resulted in me losing my precious undereye,cheek and undercheekbone fat..So sagging, weird lines along my face and looking a lot older and uglier.So my face needs the lift, I only become good looking when I pull my skin upwards, even without the facial contouring. Also, fat graft is not permanent, I might get it 1-2 times to see the result but since it is not permanent I can't be going back to Korea every year to get the top ups..So I think I am in the situation you were back then, I have premature aging plus I need to reduce my chin, so a lift is the only way I think..

    Since you have the knowledge, so you happen to know an alternative?
    Thank you again!
  11. so if you gonna do the macs you might as well do the smas imo because the result of a lift is not determined by the incisional site but rather by how much of the smas can be effectively manipulated. Ummm btw if you lose lots of fat on the face why dont you just use fg. That should be the fix. because even patients who do facelifts who have sunken in and hollowed face, the surgeon will use fatgraft together with the lift. Sometimes they even use an open grafting technique for more longevity.
  12. I will be in my mid 20's when getting the lift done, so I was thinking that after fc I will need tissue lift and skin removal but not muscle tightening, so macs rather than smas, right? I will not be old enough to need muscle tightening I think, only to reverse the effects of fc. However, all the women in my family, including me, have a lot of buccal fat and fat around the jaw which makes our faces look kinda square, but when I lift this fat I look good and not square. So does that make me a candidate for smas? I don;t know..(I don't want to remove the buccal fat because it makes me look young and will keep me looking younger when I am old). What is the difference between the macs lift and the smas lift?

    Also, what is the open grafting technique for fg that you mentioned? Have you also heard about dermis graft?

    One last question, do you happen to use a plastic surgery guide? Or can you reccomend one?
    Thanks a lot, your help is really appreciated :smile:
  13. So I guess 38 is too old and sagging is guaranteed?
  14. I think yes, collagen production stops at 25:sad:
  15. Oh... didn't know that. Thanks. :sad:
    Hopefully botox and losing a LOT of weight helps. @_@