is Jasmin a new or old style?

  1. i like this bag, but i haven't seen it irl. anyone have any info? thanks!!!
  2. It's an older style.
  3. Jasmin is an old style...I was released any time recently. I have it in Vanilla.
  4. It was released the same time the Epi was launch maybe about 10 years?
  5. ^^ Wow, didn't realize it was that old of a style, lol!
  6. I have it in red, and I really like it! I've also seen people carrying it in black, and it always catches my eye!

    To me, it is very classy and streamlined! That and the alma are my favorite epi styles!
  7. I love this style too and have never seen it IRL. I would love to find one in lilac!
  8. Yup, it's older. I have the Mandarin and LOVE it.
  9. old. its ok.
  10. Old style. I have it in the new red.. and have been wondering if I should get it in another color!!!
  11. I have the black. Love it. So classy and elegant.
  12. I want an ivory one!
  13. It's the old and classic style. I love the jasmin in red and black.
  14. The Jasmin is my dream bag, but my bf says I have to wait until our honeymoon in France to get it... hopefully by that time, it will be out in Ivory!! :drool:
  15. ooh! must be cuute!