Is Jack and Lucie discontinued?

  1. Or, can you still purchase? Should I call 1-866?:shrugs:
  2. oo good question! They sure are pretty :smile: hope somebody knows x
  3. Yesterday, someone mentioned I should get one to put on my new noe.... that's about all it takes... guess I'll give 1-866 a call, Jack and Lucie are too cool!
  4. :jammin: Jack & Lucie are way too cool to pass up! Go find it!
  5. I was just on eluxury 2 minutes ago, they have them!
  6. Thanks Matt! Here I go!!!
  7. Valley Fair had the brown/beige one yesterday
  8. Is the brown and beige one called Monogram? Elux had one listed like that.
  9. ^^Yup. The orange one is just called orange and white.
  10. It was a seasonal item, but if you call 866 they'll transfer you to a store that has one! That's what I did :yes:
  11. LOL would that be me Vee :graucho:
  12. So didya snap it up? *nudge* ;)
  13. I just saw one yesturday at the Century City LV in Los Angeles.