Is Ivory The Same As White

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  1. I am looking for white city or first with RH but when calling around I am told about Ivory. Where do I find color swatch for "Ivory"? Will it tend to go yellow or grey? Any help would be appreciated as I'd be buying it sight unseen & shipped from department store? I would prefer white first but can't seem to find one. Thanks.
  2. It's not the same. Ivory is yellowish. to me it sort of has a popcorn look to it. I had one and returned it. The new 2008 white is a fairly bright white, not as bright as s/s 2006, but whiter than past seasons. I've seen the new 2008 white and it's pretty. f/w 2006 wasn't bad but it had more gray than the s/s.
  3. I have an ivory first and I would say the color is like french vanilla ice cream, I love it. But its not stark white

    Here's a pic sorry its kind of dark
  4. thanks - i think i will continue my search for the white vs the ivory.
  5. Need more photos!
  6. My white 07 pt.

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  7. I saw one in person. Ivory is like off white.

    White is like liquid paper white.
  8. my 08 white city is pretty white... maybe not stark white, but there's definitely no yellowing.