is ivory the same as creme? ivory or mais?

  1. I went to holts today! just got back actually, and I saw a chloe in ivory 2006.
    just wondering, does ivory equal creme?:confused1:
    i'm so confused by all these whites..:wtf:

    should I get an ivory or mais for my mini paddy?:shrugs:

    thx again!!:heart: :wlae:
  2. I don't know about Ivory for '07, since I've only seen the stark white color for '07, but there is a "creme" color that NAP is calling "sand." Also, the "mais" is a pale yellowy beige...sort of a "natural" color. It's VERY similar to "creme" or sand...whatever! :rolleyes: I have a "mais" wallet and the "creme/sand" paddy and they are practically identical. The "creme/sand" is just slightly peachier.
    Hopes this helps...:shrugs: For your mini paddy, I think I would suggest the ivory if you can find a true creamy the blanc from '06. That is gorgeous:smile: The "blanc" that I have from '06 is lovely...would be stunning in the mini!
  3. :yes: thanks beanie!! I actually found one mini paddy in blanc 06 just this weekend..and it is so cute..:heart:
    reminds me of those milky candies from Japan..(if you know what I am talking about..*drool*) but the price is not so cute compared to the mais that I ordered..
    it is about a 600 difference in fact! so I think I'm gonna stick with the mais for this was a big dilemma though cuz blanc 2006 looked so yummy!! but then when I had a closer peek at that specific blanc looked so beat is new but it seemed's kinda weird..not to mention I'm afraid of ruining the beautiful blanc leather..I'm so clumsy..I always drop my food on my bags/clothes/u name it :sweatdrop:

    you should post some pics of your lovely chloes..if you don't mind..I'd love to see how the colors compare with one another! :flowers: pweety pwease!
  4. I'd love to post my collection, but inasmuch as my DH is the camera maven, I prudently will NOT allow my Chloe closet to be subjected to DH's scrutiny...LOL:graucho: I will have to get "up to speed" on digital cameras in the future and then you will all see what total Chloe shopping addiction looks like! :nuts:
  5. I love the Mais color. It's something different.
  6. omg* i would LOVE to see that!! :yahoo: :heart: I'll be waiting for the day then :kiss: