Is ivory epi easy to get the dirty?

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  1. My mom is planning to get Ivory Epi Speedy, but she's afraid that it will easily get dirty.
    Is is easy to maintain?


  2. I really wouldn't think so. I have a fairly light color, Mandarin, and it has held up really well, even wearing it with jeans. If there is any dirt that happens to make its way onto the bag (which is rare) it just wipes right off with a damp cloth.
  3. It's very easy to keep clean, it's not a bag that you need to be super careful with.
  4. I have the bowling in the epi ivore and it's not hard to maintain at all. I thought I had a mark on it and wiped it with baby wipes and it came right off. So far it's held up with my 6 month old and 4 year old in tow!
  5. The epi line is very easy to keep clean and care for. I have a soufflot and pochette montaigne in ivoire and they are both holding up very well. Just use a damp cloth to wipe it anything gets on it.

    Plus ... an SA told me that all the epis have 5 coats of colour so that they are less prone to scratches showing.
  6. Thanks for the info about the 5 layers of color on the epi. The ivory epi is so pretty and elegant - I'm sure your mom will enjoy it.
  7. Great question I'm happy to know that the ivory epi is not delicate as I got a bowling Friday (will post pics later) and was so careful carrying it yesterday. I felt like I'd made a big mistake. ;)
  8. Epi is very friendly leather. It's easy to clean.
  9. Great to hear bout it being so durable. I've always known that epi is pretty easy to take care but not sure about lighter colors. Good to hear this as ivory is so pretty..!
  10. Thank you guyz!! Good to hear that.. I was so worry about the color and the maintenance.
    If my mom decides not to get it, I'll get it :love:
    It is such a preety bag :heart:
  11. i too have the bowling gm in ivorie too and it's been a cinch to maintain. someone spill a bit of coffee on my bag and it just wiped off. i do notice that the parts where the hardware rubs against the bag, there are some dirty "metal" marks but they rub right off with babywipes. i also spray leather protectant on it just to be on the safe side. i'm more worried that the light colored threads that are sewn on the handles will get dirtier than the bag itself. :smile:

    you and your mom will love it.
  12. Ivory Epi leather is very easy to maintain! I've had my Epi Alma Ivoire since March and there's not one dirty mark on the leather....just wipe off any marks with baby wipes or soft damp cloth, they'll come out right away. Just be careful with scuff marks on the smooth leather....
  13. Great thread! So happy to hear the Ivory Epi is holding up so well, think it's really beautiful:heart:
  14. Babywipes are my best friend. I have the ivorie bowling montaigne pm.
  15. Do you guys know whether the handles on the ivory epi leather change colors like the other speedy's do? TIA :smile: