Is Italian leather really the best leather?

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  1. Is Italian leather really the best leather? If not, what is?
  2. I know that bottega veneta leather is one of the best... but i also think chanel, LV and Hermes has one of the best leather... so if the brand is made in paris, where do they get their leather from?? dunno
  3. Italians have been tanning leather for who knows how many decades, and they're certaily good at it. When Tanner Krolle custom makes a bag or piece of luggage, they use leather from Sweden because they don't allow barbed wire, and other companies do this as well. You can also get excellent leather in Argentina, and leather products are dirt cheap there because of the exchange rate.

    You can get great leather anywhere, but I feel a company is deceptive when they mention the fine "Italian leather" without telling you everything else was done in China. It's even worse when it's a costly bag because it means the company is representing themselves as a great luxury brand while screwing over the consumer after they've cut their costs to the absolute bone. Kooba charges $600 and up for a bag that's made in China (formerly in Italy for half the price), and Gerard Darel can get one made in France for $400.
  4. I don#t understand the barbed wire bit; can anyone explain please?
  5. Miss Thing it means that the animal that eventually gives the hide cannot flaw the hide by hurting himself in a barbed wire fence while he's alive.
  6. The quality of leather or softness comes from the length of life of the animal. The older the animal the tougher the leather. The younger the animal the softer the leather which makes it easier to work with in the tanning / production process.

    One less known handbag manufacturer in Italy is Carbotti that only uses calfskin leather. Many of their styles are actually handmade and since they use calfs they are extremly nice. They also have a style in Ostrich which is great.
  7. I feel so uneducated about leather types after reading these responses. I always thought it was a good deal as long as it wasnt made in china. (Notice I didnt bother to capatilize the "c," in china. Everyone knows that china can replicate the skin on your back down to the exact pore without using real skin and try to pass it off as genuine.) So Italian leather is a good leather type and also Argentina? I never would have guessed Argentina.
  8. considering they are known for their beef, I imagine they have a good leather industry too.
  9. I'm not too sure, but my Dior bags are all made in the styles are designed in Paris but the bags are made by crafters in Italy with Italian materials.
  10. South America is actually the largest beef producers in the world. Leather should then be plentiful, thus lower cost for it is reflected in their handbags. Leather produced though is not same quality as what comes from "most" Italian calfskin. Key word is "Calfskin."

    A good example is veal. The most tender and expensive beef there is. Comes from a calf feed in a controlled environment.
  11. What many folks out there do not know is that Argentina has been exporting leather to Italy for over a century. Then, the Italians pass it as Italian leather. There is no doubt that the Italians are masters are working the leather itself, but the hides come mostly from Argentina (and some other country as well). How many cows has anyone really seen in Italy anyway? Think about it. But Argentina, well, they have so many cows. Another thing is that unless one travels to Argentina, where you can see how beautiful their products are, it is hard to know. I guess it has been a little secret that only Argentines have been enjoying for years. They truly have superb products and their craftsmanship is as good as any of the better known European leather handbag and accessory maker. But of course, come to think of it, Argentina is a country of immigrants, so when the many Italians who immigrated into Argentina settled down, they brought along their knowledge of leather craftsmanship. So, there you have it.
  12. I know that my dad was extremely excited to find a saddle from Argentina, he said they are the best in the world. I don't know if it's true, but he loves that saddle to death.
  13. Wow thanks for the helpful info Nandi and Taco
  14. From what I know Italian leather is really good. But I also heard the Argentinian leathers is one of the best too! I'm part Argetinian, so I say it is the best!
  15. From my experience, yes it is. Italian leather is the best. Their shoes and leather goods are unsurpassed anywhere.:yahoo: Don't know about anyone else, but I try to only buy shoes "made in Italy", as I've got Plantar Facitious and they're the most soft and comfy. Have bought some good Earth Shoes though at the health food store too! As far as bags, I've noticed that all my bags NOT made in Italy, I end up giving away, those made in Italy, I keep for years and they've gotten better with age. Hooray~:P