Is it wrong?

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  1. To get a chanel bag, just to show off your LV

    I looked at the old LV one, and looked for some plain clear bags, but I think this is the one I am going to get. Just because I want to see all of my fun LV accessories through the

  2. How cute will that be?!!! Love it:yes: .
  3. get it, the bag is gorgeous. I would totally use that bag for vacation or going to the beach. does it come in another trim color?
  4. Silver, I think
  5. That's one awesome bag! What line of LV accessories are you planning to "show off" in there?
  6. I would be scared that someone might like my accessories too much KWIM? Does it zip close? I also like "privacy", so I wouldn't get it personally, although your idea sounds like fun!
  7. I think the idea's cute but it would have to be organised so that it didn't look messy inside the bag I'm really bad I have all sorts of receipts and things loose in my bag
  8. what does KWIM mean? .. sorry :smile:
  9. It's not wrong at all!!!! It's a cute bag!
  10. It's "know what I mean?"
  11. i think it's fab bc you'll be poking in and out of chanel maybe and i can see you there too!:yahoo:
  12. pomme things would look so cute in it
  13. ^ i agree. great idea!
  14. I am picturing a mix and splash of color! I will have to 'play' to be sure.

    But I am thinking
    Pomme Agenda
    Denim flat pouch (for all my laptop stuff)
    tikal pochette (for my sidekick)
    white MC wapity (for ipod)
    black MC wapity (for camera)
    Azur mini pochette (for receipts, etc)
    mono cc holder
    mono pocket agenda (what I use for my checkbook)
    and mono make up bag.

    Not sure what cles brown charms or one of my vernis (red, indigo, or framboise)
  15. are soo cute tink!