Is it wrong to not like LV anymore???

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  1. I used to love LV, in fact I have more than 10 LV bags and I ended up giving 3 of them away... Here's why....

    I was in line at Nordstrom and there were these girls behind me checking out my Theda... I clearly heard one of them say... " Her LV must be fake" The other girl asked how she knew and she responded with... " It must be fake because she's Asian, they all carry fake LV's ".. I was so shocked from what I heard that I didn't know what to say and I just pretended that I didn't hear them... I was so hurt, I felt like crying, insulting my bag that I paid $2,000 for is like stabbing me in the heart.... I was so mad! :cry:
    I couldn't bring myself to use any of my LV bags or buy them at the moment since that incident... I'm not saying I don't love LV anymore, I just like LV less... Darn, I need to get over this!!! :sad2:
  2. Don't let STUPID people make you feel bad. Enjoy your LVs.
  3. You know, you can't run your life based on what bigoted, ignorant people say. People who feel the need to criticize strangers are people who are insecure or unhappy with something in their own life. Don't let it get you down! I love my LV bags, and who cares if some ignoramus thinks they're fake?
  4. Oh my god, that is soooo racist ! I'd be so upset.. and I would have, in the immortal words of Kimora, beat a b if I had heard anything like that directed towards me. Even in Nordstrom. That's just rude.

    You shouldn't let some crass girls who obviously are lacking something called "tact" and also common sense (as well as an understanding of polite decorum) turn you off of Louis Vuitton !! :sad:
  5. I am sorry that this happened to you...horrible. :sad:

    Ayla, Pseub and Kat wrote replies better than I ever just consider a ditto for me.

    Wear your LV's with pride!
  6. That is a horrible shame. Don't let the words of racist fools dictate your personal tastes. Louis Vuitton, as you know, is a proud and classic brand, and people like yourself appreciate the beauty and quality of this brand. Do not let their ugly words affect you.

    I am proud when I carry my real LV. I don't care if people think it is fake. I know what it is, and I didn't buy it just so I could show off the monogram (that's why people buy fakes). I bought it because it's a fine bag and it will last for decades!
  7. I agree with all of these replies! When people are evil it eventually catches up with them in the end.

    Love your LV!
  8. I'd feel the same way even though right now I'm thinking of other ways to handle myself. Don't beat yourself up for it. As long as you know it's real, that's all that matters. Besides, do they not know that it is said somewhere that a large chunk of LV sales is in Japan? I can't remember where I read it but I just did (a few days ago). If you don't love LV anymore just because, then it's your decision....your choice.
  9. I just wanted to say one more thing....and I mean it in the most respectful, mild mannered way...I am not always the best with words so bear with me. :shame:

    This is coming from a caucasion female in So.CA, where there is a large Asian thought had always been that Asian women were the one's that carried the majority of the real LV's. It seems to be a more formal culture...rather than the run of the mill blond beach bum that is seen a lot here. Over generalization for sure, but I hope the gist of it can be read between the lines. :P

    Anyway, I hope that came out OK.

    Hold your head high! :smile:
  10. Thanks for making me feel better girls... I WILL wear my LV with pride!!!
  11. Louis Vuitton has a 28% share in Japan for luxury goods, versus the 8% of Coach. Japan is one of the largest markets for Louis Vuitton, the average Japanese woman has 2.58 Louis Vuitton products. :smile:
  12. That's the spirit!!!
  13. 2.58?! I gotta catch up!!! LOL!
  14. This is coming from a caucasion female in So.CA, where there is a large Asian thought had always been that Asian women were the one's that carried the majority of the real LV's.

    I was thinking this too, and I too live in San Francisco, which is over 40% Asian, btw. Since I am in the habit of noticing EVERYONE'S bags, and I ride Muni, I have definitely seen many Asian girls carrying many real and enviable handbags! Of course I see fakes too, but please, that has nothing to do with nationality.
  15. ****BIG HUGS****

    I agree wear your LV with pride! They're just jealous that you've got one!
    Don't let this make your love for LV die... keep using your wonderful collection!!! :biggrin: