Is it wrong to have both a Whiskey Ali and a Whiskey Mandy????

  1. Help me figure this out, please!

    I have wanted a whiskey Mandy from day one..but never thought I should spend the $$ for her. :crybaby:

    During the last PCE, I bought a Whiskey Ali, thinking she would fill the void for Mandy and maybe I'd get over her! So I've been offered a really decent deal on a Mandy now, of course! She's whiskey and I'm not sure now if both are necessary. Maybe I should hold out for Mandy in another color??? ARGH!

    What would you do???
  2. I love the whiskey color, so I'm biased....

    The bags are quite different. Do you really love the Ali or do you feel like you settled? If so, maybe you should return the ali and put it toward the Mandy instead?
  3. I own several black bags so I don't see any problem having multiples of a color. They are different bags and if you LOVE the color, go for it.
  4. If you want the Mandy go for it. I don't think it's wrong to have 2 whiskey bags, but if you feel funny about it, you could always sell the Ali on eBay.
  5. They are totally different styles, so as long as you LOVE whiskey, you should be okay. I would definately go for the Mandy, especially since you have wanted it for a while! You could sell the Ali on eBay if you really wanted to, but I think she's gorgeous! :yes:
  6. I just PM'd you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. They are different, and plus you said you were getting a decent deal.
    It sounds like Mandy is what you had your heart set on to begin with, so go for it =)
  8. I say if you like them both keep them. Otherwise if the mandy is what you really want get her and return or sell the other.
  9. I'd say go for it especially if you're getting a good deal! Who can pass that up!?!?
  10. I LOVE my Ali! I'm not giving her up! I just can't decide if having both would be too OTT! LOL
  11. Grace:

    It is not too much. I have a whiskey Ali and a Whiskey hippie bag. I also have a Ergo Vintage tote and an Ergo Vintage Hobo - both are natural. They are different bags in the same color. If you love the whiskey than go for it. I have several brown bags in different styles. I just love brown. If you will use it it is not redundant.
    Go with your heart and trust your instincts, they will never fail you.

    kind regards,
  12. If you love the whiskey I'd go for it.
  13. Go with your heart. Don't settle for less than what you want. I would get Mandy and either keep both or return Ali.
  14. They are different styles - if brown is your black - why not - agree with everyone who says go for it!